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Hey readers I am gonna start the story...i am sooooo nervous, oh god ..i am excited too.. Don't know how this story will go...But i will try my best..be there with me as a reader...Feel free to share reviews.


"Don't ever dare to leave me" he said while his eyes were searching mine.

"I will never..I will never leave you Xav"this time i looked at his eyes straight cause I knew that he is the one with whom i want to spend my entire life with"...

Suddenly he started getting angry

and now I could see the devil inside him


" don't Xav me now"

"You left me...you LEFT ME ....WHY?" now I can see the devil clearly...This was not the Xav I love...This this he changed...How ? me me ...I am the reason...I made him devil...He was my sweet caring Xav and now look at him...He is devil now..I changed him in a blink...

"Yes the day you left me you killed your Xavier and now it's this who I am..the Devil who loves to kill people who are happy...Why others get the chance to be happy not me ? why?? " now I can see tears forming at the back of his eyes..."why did you make me this? Why Kath why? I don't love this devil me ...I wanna die now.."

I wanted to comfort him but don't know why I felt like I could see and listen every thing but I can't move..I feel like I am paralysed..I cannot look at my Xav breaking down in front of me... Why can't i do anything?.. Suddenly he started laughing the evil laugh ....

" Xa...Xav? " listening this he started laughing even more.."you think i am gonna leave you soo soon? oh my poor Kath...I am gonna burn you with me...I am going to kill you slowly everyday" I was scared now "you...you cannot do this Xav ...I ...I had my reasons " "Shutup , Just shutup.... You can't live happy without me...I am going to make your life hell my Kath" there was no pain left in his eyes... they only wanted revenge for what I did.... Suddenly I can feel his hot breath on my left shoulder.."I will be the reason of our death" he said with a smile, though I can't see him but i can feel that...Did he said Our?? why?

" you Will not hurt yourself ...do you listen me ?"

"I will " He started laughing even more "can you listen me ?? I will hurt us"

"Nooo you will not"

"yes I will"

"Xav ....Xav no please"









Suddenly I felt someone shaking me.

I tried to open my eyes but my eyes couldn't adjust with the high amount of light so I instantly closed it...But I could listen someone saying something beside me

" Kat ... Kat wake up Kat...you can't leave us this soon " It was a voice of a younge man who was sobbing while saying this all to me...Who is it?? who is Kat?? where am I now.. I have to see who is the man...

I tried to open my eyes to see who is this man beside me?? Where am I ... Finally I opened my eyes...though the light was hurting at first but slowly my eyes adjusted to it...

I could now see a young handsome man sitting beside me...He looked like his age is between 28 to 30 i guess...This face was familiar to me

who was he??

Suddenly all my memory came back crashing down to me..That was another nightmare ...I was having them everyday for last 1 year now...Yes that's my past which is hunting me down everyday...I saw My Xav again...Did i said you that I left him??

I really had my reasons ...you will come to know.

And this young handsome man who was sitting beside me was my my best friend ... no he was my brother.... just like my brother he was always there to protect me... when I left Xavier I never thought I will get a family here in Belgium...Yes I am living my life here in Belgium.... yeah it's painful.. living without my Xav was not easy for me.. but I had to do that as I said before that I had my reasons.. Coming to my present situation I had a brother now I know we are not blood related but that was not the problem with us. While leaving Xavier I never thought of making another family here cause I know I am going to hurt them all very bad one day..

But this young man named as Cole was different , I wanted to push him and his wife so that we don't get attached but look at us now..He and Laila his wife was the only remaining ones whom I can introduce to others as my family... and did I said that, this Kat is me...I am known as Kat here...

It hurts now to see the frown, sadness in there face, unshaded tears behind their eyes...This is the reason I don't wanted to make a family . . .

" Kat how are you feeling?? Sis?" I can feel the tension in his voice

"Hey she is my brave bestie...She will be fine I know that...right Kat" A sweet and sad but pretending to be cheerful female voice came from the back of Cole, I know who holds this voice...Its Laila's

She was the most savage yet delicate woman I have ever met..She was good with her words and knew how to lighten the mood... The gorgeous figure of Liala was coming to view from the back of Cole...

I could see the sadness so to remove that I smiled at them

" you are right bestie I am fine. I am fine now really trust me "

" You scared us Kat" Finally Cole said taking a breath of relief..

"I thought we lost you" Now you can see why they were tensed?

I was in a hospital bed fighting for my life..:)

I never thought my life will change from a fairy tale to a nightmare.

"Hey Kati kat you have to get well soon..Do you hear me?? you have to get well soon" Liala said this...This brought a smile on my face..

"Yes I will bestie"


Hey so this the end of the first part..

You must be confused that What happened to Kat i mean Katherine...

Keep reading you will come to know

Now I can only say that she is really sick..

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