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Bullet Scars


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What is Bullet Scars

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The "Human Weapon" project failed, and only 11 survived. He was sent to the "Devil Training Camp", a place that made people talk about it. The survival rate of the training camp is only 10%. Here, life is not worth money, and strength is the foundation of everything. Only cold blood and killing awaits him。 After a lot of fight, the protagonist finally understands why set up the devil training camp,and why do all the great powers in the world want to wipe out this organization! Outer planet, a civilization far beyond the earth! The battle of life and death, desperate survival! At the same time with the confrontation of the two worlds, friendship, betrayal, all people do not understand! The madness of human nature lies in this! Love between men and women between life and death, gift a star, is this love? The silent universe, like a military parade, is lined up with 30000 star class spaceships. The opponent is just a detector with the shape of a water drop and the size of a truck. Can the wind crazy people still take the warning of the protagonist in mind?! ------------------------------------------------------------- This book tells the story of a killer who comes out of the "devil" training camp and discovers the truth of the world in battle after battle and choice after choice The world background draws lessons from a part of Liu Cixin's novel "three bodies" If you don't know Liu Cixin, it doesn't matter. This book is for you. If you are a fan of Liu Cixin, please see the story of a killer who struggles to rise in that world and finally protect human beings in the dark forest. ------------------------------------------------------------ This novel and the characters are purely fictitious. Any similarity is purely coincidental and should not be imitated. -------------------------------------------------------------

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