1 Birth

It was the dark night, darker than usual as there was no moon lighting up the sky and not even a single star giving it a very pitch black look, however, there is a street which is so brightly lit that it contradicts the sky just above.

Lit by the many surrounding different colours of magic lamps placed on the glass windows and doors of the buildings, and in front of each building, there are some gorgeous women of different shapes and sizes, however they all had one thing in common which is they all were wearing some skimpy, tight fitted clothes ranging from full-length dress to almost nothing some even were naked.

They were openly showing off their cleavage and luscious thigh to the people walking through, in hope of getting picked just for a hot night.

This place is none other than the Red light district of the city of Toren, located in the kingdom of Aldonia, which itself in on the Middle of The human continent.

It is said that apart from the Elven continent, Toren is ranked as one of the most Beautiful cities in the Present timeline, and has both it's day qualities and night qualities.

In the red light district, there are many Pleasure Salon ranking from E to SS, and obviously, the lower priced prostitute is in the lower ranked salon, whereas the higher priced one in the SS ranked, the prostitutes are ranked from their technics and beauty.

However, there is one SS ranked Salon, which is ranked best in all the other SS ranked salon.

And right now in that very SS ranked Salon <The BlueFairy Salon>, where the highest ranked woman is located is in a dilemma as while she was doing her job, which is having sex, her water broke and yes she is pregnant.

Hurriedly she asked for the customer to let her go, however, the customer didn't listen to her request as he was in his own world and decided to go harder as with his each thrust, but unknown to him, the woman had already broken a crystal that she took out from her Storage ring, which she put in case of a situation like this.

As soon as the crystal broke, the door was kicked open and a beautiful Redhead woman barged in, she had a voluptuous figure, huge assets on her chest and to balance it out an ass as big as her breast, combined with her slim waist and sexy thick thighs to top it off her skin tight purple sparkling long dress with a slit on the side, which showed her thighs and brings her sexiness to another level, her beauty not loosing to the blond pregnant woman with equally big breast, however her ass seemed more firm and tight.

When she entered seeing the situation, her veins popped in anger as she instantly appeared and took the man by his throat and lift him up.

???: You dare hurt My sweet Angelica??

Angelica: Mom, hurry my water broke!!

???: Did I not warn you not to have sex when you are pregnant!!

Angelica: Mom can we talk about that later?? first I gotta give birth.

Seeing her daughter not even caring much about her warning, she decided to just brush it off for the time being, as she knew how much of a slut her daughter is.

???: Clara!!! come and bring Angelica to the nurse room.

suddenly another woman appeared out of nowhere as she kneeled and gave her respect.

Clara: Yes mistress!!

And with that, she disappeared with the pregnant woman as if she was never even there.

After both Clara and Angelica were gone, the redhead woman sighed, but then she realized that she's still holding onto a man as he was struggling to set himself free from her firm grip.

"So what do I do with you??" she said evily

Hearing that the man got scared shitless but remembering that he wasn't some nobody he started pressuring the woman.

"Do you know who I am?? I'm a fucking Nobel you whore, now let me go or else you'll be finished!!" yelled the man.

???: Ohh is that so where are my manners..…

Hearing what the woman said the man thought he scared off the woman but to his misfortune, the next word the woman said, caused the man to piss himself.

"But I think the king would understand if I explained it to him dearly," she said as she licked her lips and spoke in small yet domineering voice.

"INCINERATE" with that the man turned to dust not even letting him the time to scream and ask for help.

With that, the man was gone as if he was never there.

" Humfff!! you think I give a shit if you are a Nobel, I don't care what you say to me or even if you humiliate me but if anyone tries to hurt my family, be it a Nobel, King or even gods themselves have to answer to me first"

She said without any emotion, but you could feel the killing intent coming off her sharp eyes.

Suddenly the cries of a baby were heard, hearing it the woman slowly walked downstairs.

----In the Nurse Room----

You could see The blond beautiful woman heaving highly as she was tired from giving birth and slowly she fell asleep after taking a glimpse of her baby.

When the Redhead woman arrived, she dismissed everyone in the room as she slowly walked toward her daughter however seeing her daughter sleeping from the fatigue of giving birth, she cautiously picked up the baby.

When she picked up the baby, a small smiled appeared on her face previous emotionless face as she looked at her grandchild caringly, if one saw her now they wouldn't believe that it was the same person who mercilessly murdered someone without batting an eye just minutes ago.

Slowly she unveiled the blanket covering the baby to see it's gender, but when she did, she was shocked, because in front of her eyes there lays a big monstrous dick considering it's a baby.

Seeing that she laughed lightly as she thought what will happen when her grandchild grows up.

But than thinking of the future, a serious emotion replaced her previous calm and tender face.

I just hope that everything goes well and the king doesn't act rashly.

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