BTTH: Inheriting Desolate Heavenly Emperor

Reincarnating in the Dou Qi Continent, he became Xiao Ning, a small side antagonist. He was just beaten and humiliated by Xiao Yan during the Coming-of-age ceremony, but he fortunately activated the Heavenly Desolate Emperor's template. In the beginning, he inherited the supreme body tempering technique "Immortal Sutra", and gained one hundred thousand kilograms of divine power in one arm at the first level of practice! As long as you keep killing, you can activate more of the Heavenly Emperor's inheritance.  "Nine-leaf Sword-grass Treasure Technique", "True Dragon Treasure", "Thunder Emperor Treasure", "Divine Phoenix Treasure" -- This is a Translation 

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3. Defeating Xiao Yan and shocking Yao Zun

Xiao Ning clenched his fists as he jumped out of the barrel.

Feeling the terrifying power contained in his body, Xiao Ning's handsome face was filled with excitement. 

Now, with his physical strength alone, he is enough to crush an ordinary Dou Master. 

As for the Great Dou Master, Xiao Ning is unsure that he can counterattack their Dou Qi. 

"If you're not sure about a thousand catties, then use two thousand catties." 

Xiao Ning punched hard, and the terrifying power suddenly roared in the air. 

It has to be said that the mystery of the Immortal Sutra is far beyond Xiao Ning's imagination. 

Now he is just getting started, There is still a long way to go before reaching the first level of the Immortal Sutra. 

You know, after completing the first level of the "Eternal Sutra", Xiao Ning will gain one hundred thousand catties of divine power in one arm. 

"With one hundred thousand catties of divine power, even a strong Dou Huang, I can kill him with one punch, right?" 

Expectation flashed in Xiao Ning's eyes. 

In my mind, I couldn't help imagining myself punching Dou Huang and kicking the powerful Dou Zong. 

"But still, cultivating this Immortal Sutra to increase strength is too expensive." 

A wry smile appeared on Xiao Ning's face, and he spent all the 10,000 gold coins he borrowed from his sister in a week. 

If you want to continue to improve your strength, you must find a way to make money. 

Don't even think about Xiao Yu. 

Although she has become a disciple of Canaan Academy and has relatively ample money. 

But tens of thousands of gold coins is already Xiao Yu's limit. 

"Oh, it's really difficult for a penny to defeat a hero..." 

Xiao Ning sighed, opened the door, and walked out. 

You definitely can't get money by staying in your room. 

He can only go out and look for opportunities. 


"Come on, there's something good going on at the martial arts training ground." 

"I heard that cousin Xiao Yu had a conflict with Xiao Yan. Are you going to teach Xiao Yan a lesson?" 

"Isn't cousin Xiao Yu already a three-star fighter? Xiao Yan is only at the eighth level of fighting spirit. Isn't this a bit bullying?" 

"She probably wanted to vent her anger for Xiao Ning. Xiao Ning was beaten until he vomited blood during the coming-of-age ceremony." 

Xiao Ning walked out of the Xiao family's backyard and saw several Xiao family children 

running towards the martial arts training ground in a hurry. 

"Sister, are you looking for trouble with Xiao Yan?" 

Upon hearing the news, Xiao Ning's expression suddenly changed. 

Although Xiao Yan only has eight levels of fighting spirit, he has Yao Lao behind him and has many trump cards. His true strength is definitely not comparable to that of a three-star fighter. 

If Xiao Yu really made Xiao Yan anxious, she would be the only one who would suffer. 

Thinking of this, a trace of worry flashed in Xiao Ning's eyes and he quickly ran towards the martial arts training ground. 

In the Xiao family's martial arts training ground, two figures have begun to fight. 

"Xiao Yu, don't force me!" 

Seeing Xiao Yu who took action immediately after a disagreement, Xiao Yan said with a gloomy expression. 

"You were so cruel at the coming-of-age ceremony. I am Xiao Ning's sister, so I cannot let him be beaten in vain." Xiao Yu glared at Xiao Yan with hateful eyes and said bitterly. 

"Want to teach me a lesson? That depends on whether you have the ability." Hearing this, Xiao Yan sneered. 

"Hmph, no matter how talented you are, you are only at the eighth level of fighting spirit. If I don't teach you a lesson today, you will become arrogant." 

Looking at Xiao Yan who kept dodging, Xiao Yu sneered and danced with her slender legs. 

During the violent kicks, she brought up gusts of wind and blew up the dead leaves on the 


"You asked for this!" 

Seeing the aggressive Xiao Yu, Xiao Yan also got really angry. 

"Baji collapse!" 

This time, Xiao Yan unexpectedly did not step back. He clenched his right fist and bent his body slightly, like an angry lion ready to attack. In a moment of silence, his body rushed out towards Xiao Yu like an arrow from the string. 

Seeing this, Xiao Yu didn't hide or dodge but also punched him forward. 

The two fists met in mid-air, and there was a slight silence. Xiao Yu's originally angry face suddenly turned pale. 

Then, under the surprised gazes of everyone, his figure continued to retreat violently. 

At this moment, a figure appeared and stabilized Xiao Yu, who could barely stand up. Seeing this scene, the children of the Xiao family who were watching couldn't help but take a breath. 

Xiao Yu lost? 

Xiao Yan defeated the three-star practitioner Xiao Yu with his eighth-level fighting disciple cultivation?.

"Sister, are you okay?" 

Xiao Ning looked worried, looking at the paleness on Xiao Yu's face, an inexplicable anger welled up in her heart. 

You Xiao Yan, you dare hurt my sister! 

"I'm fine. Don't be impulsive. You can't deal with this scoundrel's strength." 

Xiao Yu reluctantly shook her head, looked at Xiao Ning with a gloomy expression, and quickly pulled him back. 

"Sister, things are different now. This time, I won't lose." 

Xiao Ning's tone was full of confidence, and then he looked at Xiao Yan opposite. 

"Cousin Xiao Yan is indeed a genius of our Xiao family. The leapfrog battle is exhilarating." 

Xiao Ning changed her voice and said in a deep voice: "To be honest, I have been unwilling to lose at the hands of cousin Xiao Yan that day. Why don't we learn from each other again?" 

Xiao Yan narrowed his eyes slightly: "Cousin Xiao Ning, why do you need to humiliate yourself?" 

"Insulting myself?" 

"It seems that cousin Xiao Yan is very confident in his own strength." 

Xiao Ning chuckled: "Why don't we add some bet?" 

"What kind of bet?" Xiao Yan frowned slightly. For some reason, Xiao Ning gave him brazen feeling today. 

This Arrogance! 

"If I lose, I will let Cousin Xiao Yan do whatever he wants. But if you lose, cousin, you will compensate my sister one hundred thousand gold coins for medical expenses." 

"How about it?" 

While speaking, Xiao Ning glanced at Xiao Xun'er, who was watching not far away. 

Perhaps, if he wants to make money, he can only start with this little rich woman. 

"One hundred thousand gold coins?" 

Xiao Yan's face darkened: "How can I have so many gold coins?" 

"Brother Xiao Yan, I have it here." 

Before Xiao Yan finished speaking, Xiao Xun'er's voice immediately sounded. 

"Xun'er believes that brother Xiao Yan will not lose." 

Xiao Xun'er smiled obediently at Xiao Yan. 

Looking at the beauty's gentle smile, Xiao Yan said nothing and nodded slightly. 

Seeing this scene, Xiao Ning raised the corners of his mouth slightly. 

It was as expected. 

Xiao Xun'er, a licking dog, would prepare these 100,000 gold coins for Xiao Yan. 

Thinking about the predecessor, who had licked Xiao Xun'er for so many years, but the other party always maintained a cold and indifferent attitude. 

Xiao Ning couldn't help but twitch the corner of his mouth. 

"This one hundred thousand should be regarded as the compensation for the loss of youth caused by my predecessor who licked Xiao Xun'er for so many years.' 

Then, he walked straight toward the martial arts training ground. 

"Cousin Xiao Ning, be careful." 

Xiao Yan didn't talk nonsense. Xiao Ning, his defeated adversary, did not weight his heart. 

Perhaps with the idea of resolving the battle quickly, Xiao Yan came straight towards Xiao Ning, clenching his right fist and attacking fiercely. 

Xiao Ning smiled slightly and clenched his right fist. As he had thought, a terrifying force suddenly filled his right arm. 

"The one who should be careful is you!" 

With a low shout, a sneer flashed in Xiao Ning's eyes, and the two fist seals collided quickly. 

The next moment, Xiao Yan's face suddenly changed, a hint of paleness appeared, and blood overflowed from the corner of his mouth. 

Like a fallen leaf in the strong wind, Xiao Yan's figure was directly knocked out of the martial arts training ground under the gaze of countless horrified eyes. 

"How can it be?" 

"How could this kid have such powerful power?" 

In Xiao Yan's mind, Yao Lao's slightly horrified voice suddenly sounded.

Word Count: 1421

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