20 Chapter 20

Author's side note

Just to let you guys know of the time and date, Serenity's birthday is on September 21. Serenity was married on September 30 so she and Yoongi took place as CEO the next day on October 1. They found out of her pregnancy on October 2 and now the date for this chapter is on the 3rd of October. ⚠️ Warning, today's chapter includes mature content and language. Reader discretion is advised.

Serenity's POV

The next day, I woke up and felt sick again so I rushed to the bathroom to take care of that. I was seriously getting tired of this every single day. We had school today too so I got ready and while I was washing up, Yoongi walked in.

Yoongi: Good morning.

Serenity: Morning.

Yoongi: How're you feeling?

Serenity: I had morning sickness again but besides that, I feel fine.

All of a sudden, Tae, Jimin, and Jennie burst through the door. We look at them confused.

Jennie: Uhhhhhhh

Serenity: What.....are you doing....?

Tae: This was Jennie's idea!

Jimin: We had no part in this!

Jennie: Well....I'm pretty surprised nothing happened last night. Something happen? Did you fight?

Yoongi: First of all Jennie, she's pregnant. Second of all, just because we didn't fight, doesn't mean we'll have sex every single night.

Jimin: Woahhh that's the S word!

Yoongi: No it's not!

Jimin: There are two of them!

Yoongi: uhhhhh ok then.

Jennie: Anyways, we are gonna go to the club tonight after school. If you're feeling alright Serenity, wanna come with?

Serenity: Umm maybe I'll have to see.

Jimin: Don't be too hard on yourself.

Serenity: Don't worry I won't.

We all get ready for school and when we arrive, we are crowded with people.

Person 1: Omg where were you guys yesterday!!

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Person 2: Omg Jimin, are you single?

Person 3: Serenity, how's it like being CEO!!

Person 4: Just cause you're CEO doesn't mean you can forget about me Yoongi!

We were able to break free of the crowd and sneak away when Rose runs up to us.

Rose: Hey guys! Glad you were able to get away.

Serenity: Oh lord it was crazy.

We hear footsteps when suddenly I get hit by a plastic water bottle on the head.

Serenity: Ah!

Yoongi: Serenity!

We look over and see Lisa.

Jimin: Damn you Lisa.

Lisa: Oops! Heads up Serenity!

Serenity: Ughh leave us alone Lisa.

Lisa:hmmm how about no.

Tae: Do you need your heart broken by your stupid oppa again?

Lisa: Excuse me?!? Who do you think you are?!?

Tae: Oldest child in the Kim family, older brother of the CEO of Kim Corp, the uncle of the next CEO, and the brother in law to Serenity Kim. Is that enough to tell you who I am?

Lisa: I wouldn't care if you were the president! Now I'm going to take what is mine and teach them a lesson.

She grabs me by the hair but Tae, Yoongi, and Jimin rush forward.

Jimin and Tae separate me from her and Yoongi pushes her up against the locker and slams her against it. She looks back at him but not with fear, with lust.

Lisa: Looking at you now, she's too good for you.

She glides her hand along his back and up his shoulder to his face.

Lisa: you know, there are things called divorcing. I can give you everything you desire.

I could only see red. I was about to rush up but then, Yoongi grabs her hand and slams it against the locker and slams her into it again.

Yoongi: You can't give me anything. She's already given me everything I would desire in life.


Yoongi:...a child

Lisa: All women are capable of having a child.

Her eyes cloud with lust again.

Lisa: Why don't you and I tr-

Suddenly, someone comes up from behind and grabs her...Jungkook.

Jungkook: I thought I told you to stay away from them. Don't bother them more than you already do.

Lisa: Oppa-

Jungkook: Who are you calling oppa? I'm not even close to being your oppa. And look who you were just talking to. Yoongi is a married man with a child now! And you were asking to have sex!?! Unbelievable. I thought yesterday was enough. Leave Lisa and stay out of their way.

She whimpers and runs away.

He turns to me and the others.

Jungkook: Sorry.....you had to see that side of me.

Yoongi: I owe you one. She's not scared of anything besides you.

Jungkook: No you don't owe me anything. Are you ok Serenity?

Serenity: I'm fine.

Tae: We're going to go to a club tonight. Wanna come?

Jungkook: Uhhh sure. Which club?

Jennie: Milerock club downtown.

Jungkook: Woah...have you done your research on Milerock?

Jimin: No....why.

Jungkook: Minerock is intense. Pole dancers, the waitresses are practically seducers and they will drive you nuts with the amount of alcohol they give you. But that's not all.

Yoongi: Oh goodness.

Tae: Seducers? At a club like that?

Jungkook: Yea. Gotta be pretty cold hearted before you step into that place or else you're not gonna like what you find out in the morning.

Jennie: I think we can handle ourselves.

Tae: Uhhh Jennie, you aren't the one to speak. You're the one that's the craziest over hot guys.

Jennie: Oh whatever. Are we gonna go or not!!??

Jungkook: I'll go I guess.

Tae: Same.

Rose: Me too!

Yoongi: Do you think you can go?

Serenity: Ummm

Yoongi: What's wrong?

Serenity: Can I talk to you privately Yoongi?

Yoongi: Uhh sure.

I pull him aside.

Yoongi: Are you okay?

Serenity: I don't have a good feeling about you going.

Yoongi: What do you mean?

Serenity: Seducers, pole dancers...what if you...what will I do if you leave me? There are going to be so many girls better than me.....what if you.....

I just started tearing up and I feel a tear fall down my cheek.

He looks at me and wipes my tear as he gently nudged my face to look at him.

Yoongi: Hey.....I would never do that to you. No one would steal my heart but you. I only look at you and no one else.

He puts his hand on my stomach.

Yoongi: You're carrying my child and you are the love of my life. I will never do that to you. You believe me, right?

I smile and nod.

Yoongi: Good.

He grabs my hand and we both walk over.

Jennie: You ok?

Yoongi: Yea she just had to discuss something with me. We'll go guys.

Jennie: Great! Let's go home and get ready.

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