1 01. Mafia's Baby


Where Jungkook is a mafia and Taehyung is his dangerous love.




Dangerous Kook

Cruel and cute Tae



"So... got anything to say to me?" The black haired boy asked the prisoner infront of him. His long curly hair falling on his dark eyes, as he sat on a chair, one leg over another.

His black coat clung onto his well built body perfectly and his black pants wrapped around his legs deliciously

His hand glided across the black gun, before hooking his index finger to the trigger.

"I-I will never t-tell y-you..." the prisoner choked out, his hands cuffed hanging on the wall while kneeling on the ground.

"Hm? I'll ask again. Where is he?" Jungkook said as he got out of the chair raising an eyebrow at the prisoner.

He looked at his gun, before hooking the tip under the prisoner's chin. He yanked his chin up with force, making the other flinch in pain.

"H-heh, y-you think-k you can g-get it out of m-e. Y-you're wro-ong b-bitch"

Jungkook slapped the prisoner with the gun, making his nose bleed.

The boy stood up and sat back down in his chair.

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"Break them" Jungkook ordered the men outside the cell. They came rushing back in at the boss's order.

"AHHHHH" The scream echoed in the cell as one of the men broke the prisoner's finger.

One finger






"So, changed your mind yet?"

The prisoner screamed in pain, unable to feel any of his fingers anymore. He gritted his teeth as tears flowed down his cheek.

"NEVER!" He screamed and Jungkook slapped him again. Hitting the hard metal on his nose once again.


"Jungkookie~" The mafia went quiet as he heard a very familiar voice ringing in the cell.

He looked over to see his queen walking over to him.

The boy wore a sky blue over sized blue sweater that expose his collarbones too well. The sweater reached his mid thighs, covering the white shorts he had underneath. He slowly walked towards the mafia in his yellow bunny slippers.

The younger's eyes softened instantly seeing his baby walking over to him.

"Taebaby, something bothering you, princess?" Jungkook asked his boyfriend, and the prisoner widened his eyes at the sudden change of his behaviour.

[A/n: Prisoner, your opinion isn't needed, but thanks anyway]

"Jungkookie, I missed you... can we cuddle?"

"Aw princess, ofcourse. Just one minute ok baby?" Jungkook replied as he sat the older onto his lap, snaking a hand around his waist.

The older nodded snuggling into his boyfriend's embrace he feels comfort in.

"So, I'll ask you once more. Where. Is. Min. Yoongi?" Jungkook asked, once again turning his attention towards the prisoner, still stroking the older's thigh softly.

"I'd rather die than tell you" the prisoner replied glaring at Jungkook.

The mafia just shrugged

"Ok, if you say so" Jungkook said and turned to his princess.

"Princess, help me out?" He held the gun out to Taehyung

The older nodded and took the gun, walking towards the prisoner. He leaned in down to his ear whispering something.

"My Jungkookie already knows where he is...you were just a play thing to him." The blonde whispered with an evil smirk.

He pulled back and aimed the gun at the wide-eyed prisoner.

He gave one last innocent smile before shooting the bullet right in the middle of the other's skull.

Taehyung turned around and went to Jungkook making grabby hands at him.

"Kookie~ can we go watch a movie now?"

"Of course we can Taebear. Let's go."

Jungkook said as he picked up his boyfriend, the older's hands wrapping around his neck, and legs wrapping around his torso.

It was true that Jungkook was a mafia, his hands covered with blood and sins everywhere he went.

But as now he was snuggling with his innocent boyfriend on the bed, the TV projecting Tangled, all his sins were washed off. He became a new person when he met Taehyung, the older boy who changed his life.

Sure they didnt have the easiest life, with enemies always hot behind their tail, danger coursing through their veins and betrayals marked on their backs.

Taehyung knew, in the worst situations, Jungkook would always stay by his side, holding onto his waist , protecting him from any danger.

Jungkook also knew, that Taehyung was his strength, the thing that keeps him going in all the worst situations. He wouldnt let go of him for dear life.

"You know princess, blonde really suits you" Jungkook said as he threaded his fingers through the older's blonde locks curling them around his fingers.

The male just giggled and took the younger's other hand, placing it over his tummy.

Jungkook bent down to place a small, gentle kiss on his boyfriend's hairline.

"I love you so much, princess, you know that right?"

"I know Jungkookie, I love you wayyyyyy more than that though~" Taehyung replied making a sneaky face.

"Ah- that's not fair!" The younger pouted like a child.

The older just reached upto his boyfriend's face and kissed his pout away softly.

The mafia kissed him back, their lips moving in sinc with each other's. The kiss was gentle, and slow, both wanting nothing more than to just enjoy each other's mere presence.

Jungkook and Taehyung never failed to show how much they love eachother. Even these small moments, where they sat beside eachother, legs entangled, hands entwined, watching a Disney movie, were treasures to the males.

They both were aware, they were each other's world.

Even in the depths of the darkest hell, they would never let go of each other's hand.



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