hi may name is Park Seohyun and I am 24

years old, yes im old but still stunning, I

live in South,Korea in Seoul I am a fan of B.T.S since they debuted and since 2018..

and my bias is THE GOLDEN MAKNAE

which is JUNGKOOK i know he's young but i think age doesn't matter, comment down below who is your bias 😘..And i have friends who is an A.R.M.Y.. their names are Chloe Amore she is my bestfriend since childhood and she started to being an A.R.M.Y when it was 2017..

and next is Kim she was my long time friend too like Chloe and she started to being an A.R.M.Y in 2017 and im the oldest among them..and were currently in a Grab going to B.T.S fansign here in SEOUL