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Yesterday I took a plane to Seoul South Korea. Because I am starting college at the university. One thing I am afraid of is that people will judge me because I am chubby. I mean I don't care if I am chubby because I love myself, it is the fact that I don't want to be bullied by people or shit is going to go down. And what I mean by that is back in America when I was in Middle school and High School I would get bullied a lot but since I learned how to fight I would always start a fight and I got suspended a lot. I want to start here with a fresh slate and not resort back to my old ways. I hope this won't happen but if it does I guess I will finish college and then move again. But anyways today I have to go into the University and get all my things I will need for this school year. I changed into black jeans with rips on the knees and one rip in the upper thigh with a burgundy shirt along with a red bomber jacket that had embroidered sakura flowers on it and some red converse shoes. I grabbed my phone and bag that had my wallet in it and headed out the door. I walked to the train station and took a train to the university. I walked through the gates of the university and kind of explored the campus there was nobody around so I figured why not. But that soon came to an end when I decided to continue on my task and find the front office. Once I found the front office I walked and went to the receptionist who was typing on her computer.

" Excuse me I am new here and i was supposed to come by and pick up my schedule along with my books." I said to her

" First and last name please." She said back

" Amora Love." I said

She looked in her desk until she came across my schedule. She handed it to me along with a map of the school.

" Here you go follow the map to your teachers and get the books from them" She said

I nodded and walked out of the front office. I looked at my schedule and I have Psychology 101, Language Arts 2, and Body Language 2. I looked at the map to locate the classes and I eventually found them I picked up all the books I needed and put them in my bag. Once i was done with that I headed for home, I arrived home ate some dinner. Then i went to bed and set my alarm for 7:30am even though my first class doesn't start until 9am.

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