BTH-1099: The Infected Book

novel - Fantasy Romance

BTH-1099: The Infected


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After years of suffering from the cultivated virus, which destroyed not only theirs but many, many lives all over the world. Bryll Blanca Montes, 18 years old at that time saw her own parents getting abducted by men under the government to get vaccined, it was war between the government and the people. All because of a protocol. The rapid spread of Corona virus provoked the community to panick resulting in forcing the citizens to get injected. Many scientists tried to create a cure, but yet again no one succeeded. Until one day, a Canadian scientist Mark Heather Wolf created a vaccine aiming for protection and safety, he assured them that peace and order will return again. But after finding out that there was more than what it could do to human cells. It transformed the human body into...beasts. And since then, nothing was ever the same. No human. Nobody was safe.


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