Brothers But Not

Author: Beverly_Ama
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  • 2 Chs
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What is Brothers But Not

Read ‘Brothers But Not’ Online for Free, written by the author Beverly_Ama, This book is a Teen Novel, covering SLICEOFLIFE Fiction, TEEN Light Novel, SWEETLOVE Internet Novel, and the synopsis is: Everyone has a plethora of things they wish they had. There's only one thing Nigel truly wants; to be recognized by his ...


Everyone has a plethora of things they wish they had. There's only one thing Nigel truly wants; to be recognized by his family and not just glimpsed as someone constantly in the shadow of his golden twin. However, in between, truths of his background emerging and having to grow up in ostracization, he can only hope there's family and love left enough for him somewhere out there.

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Titan Smithing in the Magical Apocalypse

The world comes to an abrupt end on one Wednesday afternoon as a deep voice suddenly booms across the sky. "Pitiful lifeforms, I am your creator. I have grown bored of your world so I have decided to change it. From now on you will have to fight in order to survive. Those of you that please me will gain abilities beyond your imagination and those that choose not to will suffer at the hands of higher lifeforms." A red light suddenly envelopes the world for a fraction of a second and then the world changed." I have changed this world and every living thing that calls it home. You will get stronger or you will die, appease me peasants and you just might survive." The entire population of the planet suddenly got a searing pain in their heads at the same time. *DING* *DING* 'Congratulations on becoming a Player' The world grew silent as they read the words in front of them, no one knew the language in front of their eyes and yet everyone knew it. It was ingraved into their brains as if it had been their forever, their own languages dissappearing as if they were never there to begin with. The planet descended into chaos it was as if the entire world had suddenly decided that nowhere was safe and everyone was their enemy. Then every single living thing on the planet fell into a trance, their eyes turned a glossy white and the whole world stopped. 'Welcome to the player creation screen please follow the systems instructions and create your player.'

Spudz_Gaming · Fantasy
31 Chs

Ragnarok battle of god's and men

For years the god's forsaked their creations and revel in bout in parties from the palace of one good to the other leaving the humans on their own , slowly humans came to discover that they could live without the god's and slowly their fear for the god's diminished to nothing as they became independent. As the prophecy foretold the day I the twilight became the beginning of a new Dawn to the humans but to the god's NO, they came to realize their folly and knew they were about to pay for it sooner or later. One by one they lost their grips on the humans as Temple's, altars and everything related to the god's we're destroyed thus igniting the anger of the god's. The god's held an emergency meeting on mount olympus where they declared war on the humans knowing fully well that have all it takes to destroy human for they are their creations but by their determination the god's knew humans were united and ready to fight them to the last. Humans on their part knew they can't fight alone and they needed all help if they truly want to be free for ever, so they sought help from the the children of the god's themselves, born from unlawful cohabitation between the god's and humans long ago. A team of four young men were sent out o a mission to find the demigod and persuade them to help them fight, will they succeed no one knows. Will they survive in unknown lands, no one knows either but everyone trusted to hope to turn the tide towards them. The war has begun raging god's against their creations man, it is now no longer a battle of swords and weapons it since now a battle of being wise and smart for to defeat the god's they have to be as cunning as a serpent and as wise as a dove. Who will emerge the winners is the question to ask,

Scott_Everyoung · War
Not enough ratings
3 Chs


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