1 #1 Waiting to be transported

There were two brothers on top of the world. They had all the money they could wish for, and the extra woman. And they achieved that at the age of 13. Their names were Damian Wayne, and Roger Wayne.

Damian Wayne the oldest by exactly one month and Roger Wayne. They both got along pretty well, always agreeing with each other etc.

--March 4th--

"How lucky am I to have my birthday on the same day as the episode 1000 of One Piece. I feel pretty damm lucky!" Said Roger he had just turned 25 today

"Okay I've got the popcorn, and I've got to say you're pretty damm lucky if I do say so myself. We finally got time for ourselves, no interviews, no taking pictures for 5 hours." Said Damian as he walked into the living room which was super big about the size of a movie theater room.

But being on top of the world came with fans, and people who hated your guts, hated your guts so much they would fly a plane right into your house just to get rid of you. And that's what happened. They started the episode and they were having a good time. But out of nowhere a plane crashed right through their house and into the living room exploding and killing them both.

It was darkness for both Damian and Roger, they couldn't hear anything, they were just floating in a pit of darkness. And it stayed like that for 2 hours maybe 6 or a whole day, a whole day unable to talk, but then.

//A.I. Is awoken, you may ask any question you desire and I will answer back// Said a humanoid voice.

All of a sudden they were able to talk and at the same time they asked.

"Where is my brother!"

//Your brother is right next to you, you are just unable to hear one another while you guys are being transported.//

"What do you mean by transported?" Said Damian

"Transported where?" Said Roger

//Well to your favorite anime of course One Piece.//

"Wait really one piece!" They said at the same time

"Well how will it work?" Said Roger

"Will me and Roger still be brothers?" Said Damian

//Well how it will work is you'll open your eyes and you'll be a baby. I've randomly selected your guy's family, both of your fathers will be Monkey D Dragon. While running away from the Marines he is super outnumbered and has no choice to abandon you//

//Yes Roger will still be your brother.//

"Well then do we get a special gift or something?" Said Damian

//You can choose to have Haki or a Devil fruit of your choice to start off with. Or you could get 4x boost on the system. Both of you have this system.//

This time they could both her the A.I

"Okay then I don't want to start off with Haki or Devil fruit." They both said at the same time once again.

//Good choice, even though you won't have devil fruit you can always find or buy one. Because there will be all kinds of devil fruits in the world, even some you haven't heard of. And you will most likely learn Haki very easily.//

"Wait, what do you mean Buy devil fruit?" Said Roger

//Well in your system there will be a shop. Let's say you have enough berries and luffy dies, and you really want his fruit. When it regrows or comes back it will appear in the shop and when you buy it, it will immediately teleport to you.//

"Well I'm guessing the stuff I hear you saying is the stuff my brother is asking so let me ask you something. Can we store fruits or something like that?" Said Damian

//Yes, you can store anything fruits, money etc, when you put stuff in your inventory it goes in a space like thing able to hold anything.//

"Will Luffy know where his brother?" Said Damian

//Well no, but if you want him to know you should go to marineford during the war and announce it//

"That's a pretty good idea!" They said at the same time.

"Well when we get transported will we be able to talk to each other?" Said Roger

//No, but you do start off with 10 million berries. In the shop there's a communicator that allows you to talk to each other through the mind. You can buy that but you'll be flat broke//

"Well we'll be babies so we won't be able to buy it so can you buy it for us?" Said Roger

//Buying now 1 out of 100% complete 40 out of 100% complete ...…. 90 out of 100% complete .... 100 out of 100% complete, Mind Communicator has been bought. You'll be able to use it whenever, even right now, all you have to do is say or think mind communicator then you'll be connected to each other.//

They then thought it at the same time and they were connected.

'Brother can you here me!!' Said Roger

'Yeah I can, but it's kinda weird talking through my mind It might become a habit.' Said Damian

'Yeah It might, but do you have any more questions before we are transported?' Said Roger

'Yeah just one'

"Hey will you be with us when he are transported?"


"Thought so, but one more thing. How much time until we are sent to the world?"

//97 out of 100% complete 5 more minutes//

"Okay i'm ready!" They both said

#1 Waiting to be transported