1 The End

"It's hard to believe this is the end..." I'm Alexander and in 5 hours a giant meteor is going to crash into earth causing human extinction. Well not quite, as far as the general population knows 6 spaceships are going to launch at the speed of light to different planets in the galaxy. This project is called "the Gray mission" and was created in the hope of leaving a mark in this world before we all perish.

"Meow" I am brought back by the sound of my cat.

"Yes, yes I know, Yuki, it will be alright"

Yuki is the name of my cat, it is Japanese for snow since she is a gorgeous white Ragdoll cat. Yuki is my best friend, I don't have many friends since I am regarded as weird and violent.

"Alex! Come down off your roof it's time for dinner!"

"Okay mum, I'll be right there! I want to show you my new painting!"

"Hey, mum what's for..." I was cut off by the sound of a siren outside.

"What... I thought all emergency vehicles were off duty so people could see their family's?"

"Let's go out and see maybe they are scouting food for the ships," said my dad.

We go outside and see a bus which sirens attached to the top of it.

"Hey, you need any foo..!" My dad said as he was cut off by a loudspeaker.

"We are looking for families who are willing to ride on shuttle 3! Any families with no criminal record welcome!"

This was not a food bus it was something much much better, it was a new life for us.

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