1 Chapter 1

Their screams of everlasting agony, pain, and terror rang throughout my ears as I watched their crimson blood splash along the once pristine flooring. I wanted to run. I wanted to run far away and wake up from this appalling nightmare.

However, regardless of how much I struggled, their arms held be down like chains as they held my head with a firm grip, forcing me to witness my family being torn apart.

'He' seemed to enjoy the pure terror thrashing within my eyes as he sat leisurely in a chair and watched the bloodbath calmly.

I saw him suddenly stand up as he calmly made his way towards me. My heart raced erratically as the fear in me rose higher.

I felt his cold hands grasp my chin roughly as he leaned in and whispered in a chilling voice, "Don't run from it, you'll never escape. Don't forget this scene, burn it into that little brain of yours. You should've said yes from the beginning and none of this would've had to happen.", as he pulled away, he gave me a final grin as I felt myself being released.

Before I could react, I felt a burning pain as I was kicked and flung across the bloodied room with a harsh kick. Everything felt painful.

The room was eerily silent, the only sounds were the steps of that man as he made his way towards me yet again.

"Tsk, you should've known your place, worthless bitch." he spat as he probed my bruised- and probably broken- ribs with his foot.

I looked blankly at the space around me. The once peaceful atmosphere had turned into a violent bloodbath. not a single once of them been spared, not even my younger brother who had been torn apart beyond recognition.

I once thought that I would always live a peaceful life, maybe find a loving husband and live quietly. Sadly, fate had other plans, painful ones at that.

I felt him grind his shoe on my heard as he glared at me.

"Haah, What's this? Thinking of something else while I'm still here? Tsk, whatever, I'll just burn what you once loved, down to the ground. Maybe then you'll learn what it means to turn me down and ignore me." He gave one last kick as his men splashed oil everywhere and watched as the fire slowly engulfed what I once held close.

As they finally made their exit, reality finally hit me.

I was at fault, I had been the reason for my the fall of my loved ones. Had I just accepted that bastard's advances, maybe they would still be alive, laughing and smiling.

...Why did this have to happen? What did I do to deserve such misery and misfortune? Could they not have just let me bear this sin alone? My family had been innocent, what sin did they bear to have been brought into this vicious bloodbath?

I wanted to cry, I wanted to scream and shout until I awoke from this damned nightmare. But no matter how much I tried, nothing came out. The guilt bubbled in my throat, who was I to want out of this hellhole?

My family had been torn apart even though they knew nothing. they were innocent. I had brought this misfortune, it was only fair that I bear this pain to make up for these sins.

I lay on the bloodied floor as the crackling flames spread. The smoke was suffocating as the smell of blood and burnt flesh became thicker.

As my vision became blurry, I heard a voice echo in the back of my mind.

"My unfortunate child, do you wish to continue living?"

...Do I deserve to live? Shouldn't I just wait for death to claim me and reunite my family once again?

"...Miserable child, I can make you stronger, take back what was once yours. If you die here, that man will still roam free, bringing terror upon others like you."

What a tempting offer.. I don't even know where this voice is coming from but... if this is a chance for me to see that bastard's head in my hands, what would I have to lose..?

"Wise choice, young one. Now, succumb to the unconscious and I shall take care of the rest."


[Ok done lol but here's an extra bit:

So I'm sure you didn't know this but I originally started this story on w*ttpad, home of cr*ngy stories that everyone starts on. ]

Here's what I originally wrote as a first chap... did I grow? Maybe.. not much, but a lil bit!

And so the embarrassing writing begins:

You can never escape.

Do not hide from it.

Burn it into your memory.

Do not forget.

Despite such a gruesome scene,

No tears were shed.

I watched as my family were tortured and killed one by one.

It was a terrifying scene.

I saw their eyes burn though me.

Some held rage.

Some held fear.

Some held regret and sadness.

But nonetheless, I was powerless.

I could not pry myself from the chain of hands that held me down.

I could not speak, my throat had already dried up.

The deep dark guilt pierced through me.

Engulfing my entire being.

They had lit a fire, for they had finished what they had come for.

I was to traumatized too move. I was frozen. My throat had choked up.

I lay on the floor looking at the bloody scene that surrounded me.

The flames had engulfed the house.

The smell of burning wood and the rotting stench of blood, I wanted out.

But you can't.

I knew all too well that I would perish here in these flames with my dismembered family.


Before blacking out, I saw a dark mysterious figure appear before me.

He was lean and appears to be youthful, though, I could not see his face.

"Do you want to live?"

Well..do I?

The question lingered in my mind before I blacked out.


Ok done... lmao it's so weird to see how I used to write (; ´Д`) ...I hope my writing got better ㅠㅠ