1 Zong Mayleen & Zong Ah Cy

I would like to describe her as the prettiest woman you would meet. But I will not.

I would like to describe her as the most kindhearted woman you would interact with. But I will not.

Yet, there was something you should know about her. She wears a smile like a loaded gun.

She had been to hell and back. And knowing her, she was the boss down there too.

Here she comes, walking in the middle of the white hallway. Dressed in confidence, shining in seductiveness, and detached from emotions. In short: Mayleen wasn't just a femme fatale. She was the Platonic ideal of the femme fatale: a gorgeous woman who can use her raw, seductive power to dupe a hapless man into doing her bidding.

Mayleen was the woman who could charm a man into doing stupid, self-destructive things, from her legs to her breasts that could make a man run his car off the road for a look. She can smile at them and make a winter day a little warmer. She could do that to a man, and she knew it. Liberated or not, she didn't fight that ability.

As she walked like a boss queen. Steps behind was a good-looking man dressed in a black suit with a colorful necktie and a white shirt under. In his hands, he carried a red notebook. His gentle white smile contradicted Mayleen's contempt smile.

Two Bodyguards follow at the back. Some nurses and doctors observed the alluring woman walking like a model or a superstar. They knew who she was. Although most of them didn't know about her status, career, and even name. They recognized her since she constantly visits a patient on the 6th floor.

The Mental Center Hospital had eight floors. Each floor depends on the level of severity of the illness. Starting with the first floor on the lowest of serious illness to the eighth floor of seriousness. The hallway of the sixth-floor had as much personality as the rest of the hospital. The floor was slate gray and the walls dove. Above that, the ceiling made from those polystyrene squares laid on a grid-like frame. The light was too bright for the eyes after the darkening gloom outside. There were commercial prints on the wall, tasteful in a dull way. Above every door was a large plastic sign, dark with white lettering- no fancy fonts, just bold and all-caps. It was spotless, with garish flowers on each door.

Mayleen stopped walking minutes ago. With her eyes, she informed her secretary (the man in a black suit with the colorful necktie.) Zhang Wei nodded and turned back to the door to stay still. The bodyguards did the same. Mayleen smirked and opened the door.

An icy chill welcomed Mayleen. She had black military boots until the knees and a Black Leather Flare Skirt highlighting her curves with Red Slinky Ruched Front Long Sleeve Crop Top. To add more boldness, she had a Leather Biker Jacket in black-Blue on.

In the private ward, the atmosphere was completely different. The air had a perfumed scent, and the seats were plush. Every surface was dustless. There was a nurse inside cleaning the spilled medicine.

Mayleen darkened her caramel pretty eyes.

"Sweetie, leave" Mayleen coldly spoke directly to the nurse. The young nurse froze in her place and slowly moved to look at the woman who had just commanded her.

Her face blushed immediately as she did eye contact with Mayleen. The nurse could not but think about how attractive and out of the ordinary Mayleen was. Yet, how rotten her aura was.

The little nurse remembered clearly when the director told her to obey this woman in whatever she pleased. With that in mind, the nurse bowed and left the room as fast as the distance between a second to another.

After Mayleen saw the nurse going out, she walked unhurried and moved to the white bed.

In the bed, there was a thin girl paler than Mayleen. The girl hugged her knees and buried her face between them.

"Ah Cy, little princess," Mayleen this time called the girl more tender than her normal cold voice. As if a breeze of fall overcame the winter inside her.

When the little girl heard Mayleen's voice, she steadily looked at the woman. Ah Cy's emotions were not easily hidden on her innocent face. Her pain was clear in the crease of her lovely brow and the down-curve of her full lips. But her almost green eyes, her eyes showed her bruised soul. They were a deep pool of restless gold, an ocean of hopeless grief. As Mayleen looked into Ah Cy's eyes, there was the magnificent juxtaposition between this 24 old Zong Mayleen and 18 young Zong Ah Cy.

Before Mayleen spoke, the door opened, revealing a middle-aged man with a white bat. "Miss Zong, can you come with me for a while?" The professional with a respectful tone spoke to Mayleen carefully.

Mayleen observed the intruder and gave a smug smirk while one eyebrow slightly went up. "Doctor Lee, is important enough to go with you and leave my little sister for a minute?"

Doctor Lee's lips tightened up and frowned a bit, but still nodded.

"Lead the way!" Mayleen walked towards the door.

When she was about to be out completely, a whisper stopped Mayleen.

"Mayleen..." Ah Cy had walked to Mayleen at the same time and lovely touched her left arm.

The dark caramel eyes bloomed as the cold season interval with the colorful spring. A flash of sweetness crossed in Mayleen's eyes while meticulously took off, Ah Cy's fingers from her arm.

"Princess, I will be back soon."

Desperation was the vivid image in Ah Cy's doll-like face, sadness conquered the cold room, meanwhile, the door shut in Ah Cy's face once again leaving her alone.

Mayleen sighed, and with a penetrating gaze, she showed Zheng Wei to follow her.

Once Mayleen, Zheng Wei, and Doctor Lee (Aka the Director's hospital) entered the meeting room. She didn't take time to sit as if she was the queen in the hospital too. Her straight back and perfect mannerisms just enhanced her elegance more. "Speak."

"Miss Zong it is about Miss Ah Cy. Our staff had a meeting yesterday once we knew about your visit today. We believe it is better to upgrade Miss Ah Cy to the seven-floor."

As Dr. Lee finished his sentence, a strong and ugly noise of someone hitting the meeting table nearly made Old Dr. Lee jump of fright.

"Aren't you comfortable! Am I paying for the staff's laziness or am I paying for my sister's recovery? Perhaps, your hospital doesn't want the donations I give."

"N-no Miss Zong, we are doing everything in our hands to help your sister." Dr. Lee tried to defend himself and his precious hospital. God knows what this woman's range can do to his hospital.

The sarcastic and humorous laugh set Dr. Lee bad. 'Why does she look like she is facing the joke of her life?'

"Miss Zong..."

"Doing the most! I am sorry Dr. Lee but maybe you and your staff need to go back to medical school. It had pass time! Didn't you promise me her full recovery in 5 years? You are telling me to upgrade her to the seventh floor. You have until her birthday to show me progress."

"B-but Miss Zong..."

Again, her delight smirk painted the most attractive dimples and the most terrifying caramel eyes. Feasibly, her noble & mighty persona elevated thanks to her silver long fair hair.

"I think there are a few courageous and foolish people who like to oppose me. Do you want to be one of them?"

"No—I," Doctor Lee was interrupted by the same nurse in Ah Cy's room.

Mayleen didn't even care what was happening around her. She just sat still until she heard the nurse saying to Dr. Lee about another Ah Cy's crazy episodes.

She stood up, and in a few seconds, she was already in front of Ah Cy's room. With no hesitation, she entered the before peaceful place to a completely shattered dorm.

Some nurses were trying to control the screaming and bruised Ah Cy, who was standing on her furniture.

The pillow in Ah Cy's hand ripped apart, letting the feathers drop like rain. The scene could have been aesthetically beautiful. Yet, the situation couldn't have been more gloomy.

The white feathers welcomed Mayleen. This made her persona match her nickname 'Ms. Ice Maiden'

"No! No no no NO!" Ah Cy's whispers broke the path for a heartbreaking crying.

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