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Broken Lovers: Tear My Heart Apart


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The plot is interesting. I love the MC. She's a strong woman. Admire her! Editing is required as there are grammatical errors but other than that, good job! Keep writing!


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I love how the writer imagines every scenario and displaces the describing with profound suggestion and metaphors in its stead. It’s quite immersive since the writing style definitely grabs your attention as it leaves you in the situation itself. Since it’s your first time, it’s very understandable to have certain mistakes here and there. The overcompensating of words to explain each scenario are a bit too much that leaves the reader with quite a lot to process in mind therefore would hinder reading enjoyment. A little advice, use the metaphorical power you have to place them in situations where instead of having to word out the scenario but will suggest it. Anyways I would still recommend the story. Best wishes you author! Hopefully this would help you in the nearby future.


The plot is super interesting. The fl is too badass and cunning. I absolutely love her. You will get enough face slapping moments to enjoy. The fl is not meek, shy or someone who needs ml's protection. Damn, she's powerful enough to even protect the ml too. The pace is good but the grammar can use some help. Otherwise, I'll definitely recommend this one! :)


I’m just four chapters into this story so far and first thing that comes to mind is I’m extremely captivated by this stories characters and main female. The way she carries herself is hilariously evil, yet I get the sense there’s more to her that we don’t know yet. This story is a seriously good read. And great job to the author for making such a darn entertaining main character, with layers that I’ve yet to have the pleasure of uncovering for myself, but will definitely keep reading to find out more about!


Writing Quality {[3]} I admire the author's vocabularies. The author's writing style, I found it to be unique and creative but in the downside, there were a lot of grammar mistakes. I've pointed out some of them for you, adding paragraph comments so you could identify those and fix them. Another problem was the sentence structure which seemed a bit wordy so I added some of my suggestions in the paragraph comments. Aside from this, there are a ton of punctuation mark errors, usually the lack of commas. There were typos but they were minimal. Stability of Updates {[5]} This is always automatically five for me Story Development {[5]} The pace is smooth so I'm rating this category five stars. The plot was interesting as well, it captivated me to read until chapter eleven. No boring scenes, one can just read the whole book throughout the night because of how attention-grabbing it is. Wonderfully done. Character Design {[5]} The characters were described greatly. I love their characteristics and the way they interact with each other is flawless. World Background {[5]} The author uses the "show not tell" kind of strategy/mechanism so that was great too. I love the way the author explains the apparel, the feelings, the emotions of the characters. The scenes are vivid, every scenario was described precisely. Places were not much of a bother since I was able to portray how they look like in my mind. Will I recommend this? Of course. Give it a try even if it has some errors and mistakes. I'm sure the author will improve as he or she writes further. If you want a none-cliche novel, then go read this.


First thing I noticed reading was that the MC was really badass. I loved her character design. Her attitude could tempt readers in the process. However, there are some punctuation and grammar errors that I've seen but I think a small edit would already suffice. All in all, good job! Keep writing.


I loved the way this story is developing. Although i am at Chp 12 but the suspense is still retained around characters and that is definitely gonna keep me hooked up with this story. Good work dear Author.!


I love how realistic the book is. I was intrigued right away. I am looking forward to the development of the book. Also, the updates are good. Good job.


Great story! I love stories with a strong female lead! I have only read up to 11 chapters now, but it is indeed a very promising book! The way you decribed her thoughts and surroundings deserves an applaud 👏 It's very engaging and detailed. I will be sure to read more of your chapters when i have the time! Good job, Author!


Cool. Grammar-wise, its kind of rough around the edges. Not too detrimental, but could use a touch-up in terms of general grammar. In turn, the dialogue and prose kinda suffer from the same problem, though it won't really affect the reader if you get engrossed enough. The strength in this is in the atmosphere and descriptions. It's colorful, and it really gives a clear picture of the scene. Word of advice: Your quality would vastly improve if you run your stuff through Grammarly. It's free. Keep on writing👍


lovely book here. really had a lot of fun with such welly developed characters. good job making the story easy to follow and generally intriguing!


Mayleen seems like a woman that should not be messed with. I love characters like this. The story has some grammatical errors here and there. but it is interesting and the descriptions are beautiful. I will continue reading this.


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