Broken Lovers: Tear My Heart Apart Book

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Broken Lovers: Tear My Heart Apart


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"How dare she? How dare she make me feel this way!" He inhaled sharply. "Yet, she is the most beautiful Witch I have ever seen." Mr. President didn't even know this wasn’t the last time, but the pure beginning. ――― Same tragic past, different pain, endurance. One hid her suffering from her dark demons, while the other exposed her broken sins. Two broken souls are the perfect combination for the most heartbreaking story. One cold-blooded lived with the only purpose to seek revenge for her mother's death, while the other lived with a solid purpose to achieve her mother's past dream. As a result, the two sisters shaped themselves by life itself. Zong Mayleen or how everyone called her Ice Maiden. She was true to her own mystery. Nobody knew who she was or where she came from, but one thing everyone needed to know about her was she had been to hell and back. Yet, something about her pretty smirk tells she was the boss down there too and a terrifying tycoon up there. Beware of Ice Maiden. She was heartless to every single living thing. Zong Ah Cy was Mayleen's younger sister, a beautiful piece of broken pottery. She was too emotional after the trauma of that night. She had spent most of her teens in the Mental Facility. Wondering in the middle of the line of life and death, if someday between letting go and holding on to her deepest pain. Can she find herself again? Are these two sisters prepared for the most torn way to explore the deepest and cruel desire of the heart? Or These two would shield themselves from the shattered world they live in? ―――――― [PREVIEW] ―――――― "You are very interesting, Miss Zong." A fine strand of his straight hair fell close to his nose, messing up the perfect comb back, making him look irresistible. Mayleen's smug facial expression looked at him as a curious fox and walked towards him. Mr. President sat there unmoving, like a king waiting for his minions to serve him. Those delicate hands caressed his chin, who had no time to react but looked up at those caramel eyes that he hated so much because it gave the illusion that she was born without a heart. A sensual smile danced on Mayleen's face as she continued to contour the man's chin. "I can almost feel Mr. President likes the touch of this madwoman[...]" She whispered in his ear, her sweet breath crashed with his manly neck. The lingering scent that took place in his body left as nimble as it came. [...] Anger...disappointment? Consumed his collective self. Hidden guards and secretary: "..." 'What did we witness!' 'Did their boss tofu got eaten?!!' "How dare she? How dare she make me feel this way!" ―――――― Disclaimer: English is NOT my first language. Please, don't be too harsh on me. Despite that, I promise to deliver the best quality I can offer. Thanks for your comprehension! ―――――― WARNING! This novel has adult content, violence, and R-18 scenes.!!! Read under your own accord.


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