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"Hey how long has she been gone now  dad?" said isaiah

"It's been almost two year now but guess what I got a letter from her saying she should be home in a week"

"When did you get the letter then dad?" Said zay

"About a week ago so she would be home tomorrow"

"Wait really let's hurry up and finish so we can go to the store and get some food for her, why didn't you tell me I have to get some stuff to cook you should have told me earlier" said isaiah

"Ya so let's try to finish the work up today so we can take tomorrow off we could go and have a picnic at your mom's grave and tell her some stories, okay champ ." 

We are blacksmiths, the only ones in our village it's been like this since our great grandpa. My dad told me we have family in other places but here it's only me, my older sister and our dad. My sister was lucky and was born with magic like our mom.

"Hey I've been here for 5 minutes and you still haven't answered me what do you guys do here?" 

"Oh we do custom jobs repairs or you average variety of weapons if you wait just a sec my dad will be out to help you" said zay

zay went to the back and not long after his dad came out and started talking to the man 

-I can't hear what they are talking about but dad sounds angry- zay thought 

He came back and started putting stuff away 

"Put everything away we are done for the day put the sign up we are going to meet your sister" said the dad

"Is everything alright dad what's wrong" said Isaiah 

Before they could finish packing they heard someone bust in thru the front door all kinds of men in black robes enter the shop

"We heard your trying to make what you promised long ago we are here to stop you before you become a threat to the kingdom"said he man in a robe

"This is between the kingdom and me don't get my kids involved in this" 

"Or what you're in no place to make demands so shut up, don't worry I won't let him die yet he needs to make sure your daughter comes and gives us what we are owed."

*18 hours later*

"Damn that was one tough monster. I can't wait to get home and have some of zay's cooking. I have a good story for zay too. I wish I didn't have to leave him with dad so much."

The village started to fall into sight it was wonderful how the sun hit the village, she soon seen the smoke rising from the village and only had one thought before she took of running

-the shop-

She arrived to see all kind of people gathering around there shop it was broken and set on fire

"Have you seen my dad or my brother, have you seen my dad or brother?!?" She went around asking everyone

After a little she went into the fire without hesitation.

After jumping in she came to find her dad on the floor in a pool of blood she rushed to him and lifted him up out the puddle

"Dad Dad what's going on where's zay" she said

"There ain't time they got him in the back take the knife remember how your mom showed you he owes us"he said as he passed her a Key.

She didn't waste time, she went to the back.

"I can feel it from here. You're just as strong as your mom maybe more,so tell me where is the weapon?"said a man in black robes 

"Where is he where is my little brother tell me now before I rip your head off your body" she said 

"Calm down you're in no position to be making demands, now answer my question" he said as he lifted his arm from out the robe and someone came in and threw zay onto the floor he was tied up and bruised head to toe.

Before the man could say anything else he was looking his body as his head it the roof the other hooded figure managed to stabbed isaiah in his side before he met the same fate it grew dark and the fires disappeared, she rushed over to him and picked him up 

"No no no I couldn't even save you I'm so so sorry I'm sorry" she said crying to him

"I'm sorry it seems like messed up i guess I won't be going on any adventures with you I'm sorry I couldn't even make your weapon" Isaiah said putting his hand on her face 

She got up and ran to her dad room and throws the bed over to a safe under it she puts the key in the safe there were photos and a knife with word ingraved - I am forged not born I create but destroy- she grabs it and ran back, she sat down by him and grabbed the knife she cut her hand and the words started to glow she stabs it into zay's chest.

"What do you guys want, oh I see you want me to save him don't you"said a voice coming from the knife 

"Yes yes you owe us remember we made you a god so bring him back" she said 

"You didn't make me a god I'm a fake I'm not even close to being as strong as a god and plus he is to weak he will probably die" said the voice

"It doesn't matter if it's just earlier than it should have been, it would have been him when he was older so make the contract if you don't I'll find a way to make your life a living hell" she said.

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