266 Chapter 266 - Receiving Guests (Long Chapter)

Translator: Yang_Wenli

The Prophet has only just arrived at Norland. Yet, she already experienced the 'enthusiasm and hospitality' of the people here.

But, that enthusiasm was simply too extreme!

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It took the Prophet all her strength to squeeze out of the circle of twenty-some girls. She only just took a breather when she discovered that more people were coming over here. If they do not leave right away, she will once again be swallowed by the tide of people.

Exactly what was going on?

Carrying her backpack, the Prophet took a couple steps back. Her four apprentices also managed to squeeze out of the tide of humans. They ran over to her side.

In disbelief, the Prophet watched as more and more humans started gathering over here from all directions. In the end, she turned to look at her Sin Demon attendant.

She has realized… all these humans were coming for her Sin Demon attendant!

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