265 Chapter 265 - Petting Cat

Translator: Yang_Wenli

The Sin Demon by the name of Zenarth did not teleport the Prophet and others directly inside Norland. Instead, they were teleported to a region at the borders of Norland.

It took the Prophet and her students half a day of travel to reach an area of Norland near the border, the Squirrel Street.

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"Esteemed teacher, how much longer do we have to wait here?" One of the Prophet's students asked her uneasily.

"That Sin Demon Zenarth mentioned the Third Prince will send people over to receive us. You all continue to stay on alert. Just make sure that the humans in the surrounding area do not discover you."

The Prophet was able to understand why her apprentices were feeling uneasy. After all… there were humans all over this place.

Even though the Prophet had used some illusion magic to disguise her apprentices' demonic characteristics before coming to Norland, she was unable to transform that giant Sin Demon to an ordinary human adult size.

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