264 Chapter 264 - Taking The Bait

Translator: Yang_Wenli

Norland. Hearthstone Tavern.

Early in the morning, Joshua's study has been seized by the Flower of Farucci. Before the Morning News had even aired, Gallolie came to the Hearthstone Tavern with the Blackwood Elf Priestess Oranka and her elven bodyguard Flay.

Her purpose was to finish the land cultivation work in 'Minecraft' that she didn't finish last night.

"Flay, you need to use a shovel to dig the earth…" Gallolie provided her elven bodyguard who had just come in contact with that game some recommendations.

"But… young miss, how do I make shovels?"

"I'll drop one for you."

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Gallolie had become a qualified 'land cultivator.' Albeit, it was only in the game.

Like last time, Joshua was standing by his study's door watching the four girls sitting around the desk playing Minecraft. The only difference was that the elven priestess's seat has been replaced by Gallolie's bodyguard Flay.

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