256 Chapter 256 - Weapons (Long Chapter)

Translator: Yang_Wenli

Norland. Hearthstone Tavern.

"She is my assistant."

Joshua replied to the question from his elder sister without much thought.

"Assistant… Joshua, do you lack staff? If so, I can provide you with staffs. They will definitely be trustworthy."

Joshua didn't know how to reply to that message. After all, he was indeed lacking in staffs.

But, what he really lacked were 'programmers.' Unfortunately, Joshua felt that there shouldn't be many people in this world that have acquired the 'programming' ability yet. Even if they've managed to do so, they would only be entry-level programmers.

"Thank you for your concern… I am not lacking any staff right now. I will begin working on the matters with the missionaries and the famine tomorrow."

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Joshua replied to Cecily in a formal manner. Cecily replied back with 'Hopefully everything goes smoothly.'

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