255 Chapter 255 - Aid

Translator: Yang_Wenli

"The citizens of Norland are able to accept demons?"

After hearing the astonishing feat Joshua did in the half year he's in Norland, Cecily asked the thing she was most concerned with.

A group of mages helped a demon drive out the inquisitors from the Nation of the Holy Church? That was something Cecily cannot possibly imagine before.

But, it seemed like Joshua managed to accomplish such a feat.

"A great majority of them accept demons. While that might be the case, Sin Demons will very likely be welcomed in Norland."

'Face blindness' was a thing that existed in every race. Like how it was difficult for Joshua to distinguish between two dwarves with the same color and length beard or two goblins of similar size, humans were unable to distinguish between Sin Demons.

After the screening of 'Beauty and the Demon,' the fans of the movie might consider all Sin Demons to be graceful and gentle giant cat princes.

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