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novel - Fantasy Romance

Brilliant Rose


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“Roselia, I want you to accept Jeong-in as my second wife.” “I can’t help it, I’ve already fallen in love. We cannot break up.” The Duke Reinhart notifies Roselia, his wife, that he will be bringing a second wife home. The only remaining blood of the Ducal household, Roselia, snorts and asks for a divorce. “You’ll remember this moment forever. From today onwards, I’ll show you just how foolish your choice was.” Roselia decides. She would do whatever it takes to bring the ‘Reinhart’ household down that even the name Alex would seize to exist. That’s how Roselia decides to take revenge on the black-haired saintess that fell from the sky, Seo Jeong-in, and her ex-husband, Alex! “There is nothing that’s not possible. Don’t worry your pretty little head over such a thing and just follow me.” “You should also not hide anything from me. I’ll never forgive any lies.” “I’ll remember that. My Queen.” And at some point, Abdul Tagrat, the dessert ruler, had started slowly entering her heart. A story about Roseline’s majestic red carpet!