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Bride Of Hades


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What is Bride Of Hades

Bride Of Hades is a popular web novel written by the author StarySky96, covering ROMANCE, R18, MAFIA, DARK, MODERN, FEMALELEAD, POSSESSIVE, DOTINGHUSBAND, SWEETLOVE, HAPPILYEVERAFTER, Contemporary Romance genres. It's viewed by 381.4K readers . The novel is being serialized to 158 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


Dimitri Santoris is the heir of one of the oldest and strongest mafia clans in the country. He was described as a very cold-hearted, cruel, and manipulative person. The only thing that makes him happy is torturing evil people for their wrongdoings, having their pitiful lives in his mercy, but one can say that he is doing the world a favor by getting rid of these unsightly characters. Nobody could move his unfeeling heart until an unexpected encounter with Aurora. His attraction was just as strong as a moth, getting attracted to a flame. Aurora is a beautiful, intelligent, and practical person. Being betrayed by her best friend had been a blessing and a curse. When they cross paths again, will the flame be as strong as when they met, or will the pain of her past stop her from finding happiness? Will the king of the underworld, Hades, have his bride? And as the truth of their origins come out will their relationship be threatened or will they be strong enough to survive? Can true love conquer anything? Aiden Cooper, the friendliest and most approachable Aristocratic heir, is handsome, smart, kind, and humorous. His gentle behavior and charming nature make him very favorable among women. But he has his eyes set on the coldest of women, Ice Queen Sophia. Sophia Collins lost her parents at a very young age, was mistreated by her relatives, and betrayed by the one person she thought she could trust, her fiancΓ©. Life had never been easy for her, but she strived to get to the top, and now she is the CEO of the popular Bellezza cosmetics. She is a workaholic and had focused on her career but getting closer to this woman with unparalleled beauty was harder than breaking into a bank. Meeting Aiden Cooper gave her the most disconcerting feeling since she’s sworn off love. Declaring his undying devotion, following her like a lovesick fool made her feel things she had buried deep within her icy exterior. Will Aiden’s antics thaw this Ice Queen’s heart? Will knowing his true identity stop her from falling in love, or will she embrace his darker side? Aristocratic series: Book 1 - Bound To Him [completed] Book 2 - Bride Of Hades [on going] Book 3 - Bewitched His Soul [coming soon] Each book can be read as stand alone. Note- Follow me on Instagram @ starysky96 Amazing Editor - Ollie C Customized cover by Weilan

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Hi everyone this is authors review. 1) This is the second book in aristocratic series which consists of two volumes . Volume one is Dimitri's story and volume two is Aiden's story. 2) Since it is a mafia story there will be more violence and steamy scenes. 3) This will have more chapters compared to first novel to bound to him. 4) Both the male leads are possessive and it a sweet love story with happily ever after . Please read the novel and enjoy 😊


⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ To Tell You The Truth! It isn't Boring,Very interesting and VERY amazing. I Like the FL and she is amazing. I am Sure You will all will like it. Just Give it a try and I am sure you love it. Good job Author


This is gotta be interesting I can't wait for massive release. cause from the previous book of this author I gotta admit he's great writer


I love the story,from AvaπŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•,to Sara,πŸ’˜πŸ’˜πŸ’˜πŸ’˜πŸ’˜πŸ’˜πŸ’˜Nena 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 and Aurora πŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ’“


I am a big fan of StarySky96 and I love the Aristocratic series: makes me so sad when the book is coming to an end... I Would love them just keep on going πŸ₯°πŸ₯°πŸ₯°


The characters are so real and the storyline is awesome, I reread it countless times, just like the first book in this series Bound to Him, just love it.


I just love how StarySky96 doesn’t Leave any loose ends, the story ties together, no character is abandoned. i hope there is a future for Rupert and Natasha, princess of Maple and Hardin- I really liked him!


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