110 You Deserve To Die

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Blood, corpses, and the smell of burnt flesh.

Behind him was a sky full of stars. There was a strange and cruel beauty in the figure of Joelson wielding his sword.

Joelson slowly pulled his sword out of the chest of the last killer. The blade was pointed to the ground. Blood dripped down the blade and fell to the ground.

Antoine swallowed hard, his face pale.

Joelson looked at him coldly and walked closer.

Antoine had lost all his support, and fear climbed onto his face.

"Don't come over!"

"Joelson, we're friends, aren't we? I even gave you a gift. What about the twin sisters?!"

"Joelson Edward!" Antoine suddenly shouted. His voice became extremely mournful due to fear.

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"I'm the Prince of the Alcott Empire. I'm the younger brother of Charles III. I'm a member of the Bauhinia family."

"You can't kill me!"


Joelson kicked Antoine to the ground and raised his long sword coldly.

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