107 It's a Giant Dragon

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The Lair of the Shadow Society was hidden very deeply. Even Joelson did not know the exact location, but he was sure that as long as he found Antoine, he would be able to completely eradicate him.

The guards who were patrolling at a higher level quickly noticed the commotion at the door and immediately issued an alarm.

"Damn it! Who is so daring to come to the Prince's mansion to cause trouble!"

A knight with a full beard raised his long sword and cursed as he rushed out of the door. His footsteps were hurried, and even his armor was still scattered. It was obvious that he had just gotten out of bed.

Guards with neat equipment kept running past him, and mages holding magic staffs kept running out.

Everyone had an unreal sense of absurdity. There was actually someone in the capital who dared to kill the guards of the Prince's mansion and wanted to break into Prince Antoine's mansion.

Who was it?!

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Did he really want to die?!

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