2 "Hey"

Kate's Pov ❤❤❤❤❤❤

"Katy, get out of bed. It's fucking almost 8" Kendell said disturbing my peaceful sleep.

"I bet it's not even 7 and your already getting on my nerves, would you please let me have my beauty sleep till am ready for school" I responded with a very fast but sleepy tone.

"I know you want me to get mum and I would do just that" my twin said

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"Please, don't. Get the fuck out of my room and let me get dressed for school" I replied even faster than before.

"Better be quick cause I really have to meet Britney before heading for class" he responded

"I will try" I replied lazily before he left my room.

After my idiotic twin left my room, I picked up my Note 9 from my bed stand and checked the time, it was just freaking 7:00am, I was so pissed at kendell but I could not go back to bed. I got myself out of my night short, went straight to the bathroom with my phone. I looked straight into the mirror, got toothbrush then applied toothpaste, I also decided to listen to music from my phone, the new song by camila cabello and shawn mendes: Senorita. I brushed my teeth twice with two different toothbrushes. I went straight to my bath hub and closed the glass. I turned on the hot water control and my whole bath huh was steamy with hot water. I washed my body with my pink sponge and bubble bath twice. Then i allowed warm water to pour down my naked body. I heard a knock on my door.

"Katy, we are always late for school " Amy said has she opened the door of my bathroom.I looked into the eyes of my best friend/sister.

"Am so sorry" I apologized

"Just to let you know, I already picked your outfit and it is all set on your bed" amy said

"Thanks b" I said in a very excited tone

That's my best friend Amy, she became a Tucker ever since her parents passed like about 12years ago. My parents adopted her right away, I was so excited about it. Her room is right beside mine, we have a door connecting our rooms together. The color of her room is the same with mine since we both kinda like the same thing. She has a Cat instead and it's name is Pewter, it's white in color. She is my best friend and also my close friend.

I finally got out of the bathroom and found my clothes exactly on my bed. Amy picked a blue crop top, white high waist ripped jean, a black bra, black panties. A blue school bag, a blue converse, a notepad, my gold headset, a black pen for sure. I got dressed real quick and went straight to amy's room.

"Amy, thanks so much. I guess you know me inside-out. I love you. Let's head downstairs for breakfast" I said while dragging her along.

I got downstairs and I remembered I had to call our other friends. I sat down on the island table right beside my best friend and twin. I picked up my phone and face timed both, khloe and Hannah.

"Hey guys" I said

"Hey katy" they both responded.

"Get ready guys, we are on our way to pick you" I said with my mouth full

"Kate, don't you ever talk with your mouth full" my nanny Olivia complained

"Sorry, Olivia" I replied.

Olivia is just like a mother to me. When my mum is not always around, she takes good care of Kendell, Amy and I.

I heard the horn of the explorer waiting for us outside. Amy and I grabbed our bags and went straight to the jeep to leave for school while Kendell stayed behind. I forgot to mention Ruth. She is our bodyguard but she attends our school has well. Kendell has his own personal car that's why he never follows us to school and he has a bodyguard too David.

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