41 Chapter 41

Sarada landed on the yellow sand of the desert. Her hands found her pockets as she overlooked the landscape. Bulma landed next to her and dug her foot in the ground. She ended up bringing her along because she refused to let go of her. She had clung to Sarada the second she said she would be returning to earth to take care of business with Kami. So there they were. Just the two of them in the desert. Why? Because Sarada needed to see how the new earth worked. It looked no different. It felt no different. Not yet.

"What exactly are you trying to figure out? "Bulma asked next to her.

"I wished to make the earth immune to ki attacks and such" Sarada said and slowly rose back into the air. Bulma followed. She was starting to understand what Sarada planned on doing. When they were a good distance from the earth Sarada took on a familair stance. A smile tugged on her lips as she brought her hands to her side and focused on forming the attack. How much power should she use? Maybe all. It would give the earth a good boost.

"When did you learn the Kamehameha wave? " Bulma asked as she drifted idly in the sky.

"I copied it from the old man the moment he performed it" Sarada informed as a white ball of ki started to form. It had the familiar flame like aura to it.

Bulma hummed as she watched Sarada build up her attack. Her ki was climbing and climbing with no apparent end to it. She was using her full power. Could the earth handle it? Sarada seemed to think so. Bulma said nothing and just drifted there with folded legs and observed. Maybe she could copy the ki attack as well. Sarada and Kakarot did it easily enough.

"Ka... Me.. " Sarada was grinning as those words left her mouth. It was exciting. The ki ball in her palms had taken an impressive size. "Ha... Me... " she adjusted her stance and eyed the earth.

"Ha! " she thrust her hands in front of her and a beam of white energy shot out of her palm. Massive would not be the proper words to describe the size of Sarada's ki attack. Bulma was expecting it to be big. Very big. Why wouldn't she? But she was not expecting the size it took. The earth was impacted and the sound of said impact could be heard from great dstances.

"Not a scratch" Bulma noted as she gazed down on the earth. You would expect a massive crater or something along those lines, but the earth was perfectly fine. The two girls again descended upon the earth. They felt an immediate difference. Sarada raised an eyebrow. "Is the earth emanating the ki you gave it? "

"Yes, apparently "


They stood there for a moment. "What if you gave it magic? "

Sarada blinked. What if she gave it magic? What? Why hadn't that thought ever crossed her mind all this time. She looked to Bulma who seemed pensive.


"What's up"

"I absolutely love you"

Bulma snickered. Sarada looked so serious at that moment. Did she really appreciate the suggestion that much?

"Love you too"

"Magic" Sarada said to herself as she placed both palms on the ground. She gathered her magic and fed it to the earth. The possibilities. The earth could do so much. Senzu could easily be planted if the earth had enough magic within.

"Is it possible to sense magic? "Bulma asked when Sarada stood back up. She couldn't feel a difference in the earth.

"Yes, if you possess magic yourself " Sarada informed. She could feel the magic she had gifted the earth. That drained some of her own magic but it was worth it. She'll be restored to full capacity in an hour or so.

"Too bad"

"Don't worry about it too much" Sarada shrugged and fell back. A cloud came into existence just in time to catch her. She motioned for Bulma to climb on next to her before taking to the sky.

"We see Kami now? "


"So you plan on attacking the earth with massive ki everyday? "

"Yes. The more ki it stores the better. The same goes for magic"

"I wonder what the affects of such a thing will be"

"We'll just have to wait and see"


"How's it going, Kami? " Sarada greeted casually as her cloud came to stop at the lookout. She directed it to drift just above the floor and proceeded to jump off. She waved at Popo, who was watering the plants as per usual.

"Sarada, you've finally returned" The old namekian greeted her with a look. She chuckled and looked away.

"Yeah, sorry about just leaving. I had something to take care of"

"Question" Bulma appeared at Sarada's side and eyed the guardian. He looked at her shrewdly. She didn't seem to mind his look of distrust for the moment. "Why have you been dubbed Kami, other than the obvious reasons. Is that really your name? "

Kami glanced at Sarada. Said girl only smiled innocently. He did not give her permission to bring anyone else up to the lookout. He sighed. What's the point in being angry with her? He doubt she'll really listen to him.

"Yes that is my name"

Bulma hummed.

"You just ended up going with it, huh?"


Bulma was about to ask another question but a hand on her shoulder stopped her. She turned to find an amused Sarada.


Bulma huffed and folded her arms across her chest.

Sarada chuckled and returned her attention to Kami as her hands went to her pockets in search of her capsule.

"I need your assistance and guidance in my next endeavor " Sarada said as she watched her briefcase appear out of smoke. She unlocked it and displayed the wood she held within. Kami was a bit shocked to say the least. He could feel the power rolling off the wood in front of him. Where had the child gotten something like that?. "I would like to ask you to teach me how to make dragon balls. I have the material, I hope. I also have a couple of sketches of what I would prefer my dragon to look like and I'm sure I can gather anything else needed "

Kami nodded. He had almost forgotten about that odd ability Sarada had told him about. If she did succeed in making her own dragon balls he knew for a fact that they would be powerful. Her dragon would most likely be strong enough to grant multiple wishes, wishes his dragon cannot. But there is a question. Could she succeed? Even if that odd talent of hers gave her some of his abilities there was no telling if it could work out.

They would try.

"It will take 100 days to successfully create a new set of dragon balls"

Sarada nodded.

"You'll have to remain here for those 100 days."

Another nod that earned the girl a look from Bulma. She glanced at her for a moment and sighed.

"Alright, I guess I'll have to come back in a few days "

"Why exactly? "

"Bulma is training under the north Kai at the moment "

Kami raised an eyebrow. What does that have to do with anything? The look Sarada was giving him told him that she was hoping he didn't ask that question. He sighed and nodded.

"Fine, take care of whatever business you need to settle"

"Thank you"


Bardock sighed in content as he downed the last glass of the odd but delicious concoction his wife had made him. He had a feast after he spent hours training in that gravity machine his son left behind. He promised him a week with it so he was getting in as much training as he could. At the moment he had ate his fill and stood, ready to return to the revolutionary training room. No wonder his son was so strong. His power was close to surpassing him and his daughter left him behind completely. Even his wife grew in power despite her not being fond of training or fighting. Sarada managed to keep the two safe. He knew she would keep her promise. She out did herself. Not only did she make sure they were safe but she made sure they grew strong. She was obviously preparing them for the day that will meet them in the future. The day Frieza discovers their existence . They cannot be weak for they shall perish.

"I'm back! "

The voice that called was familiar although he couldn't place it. He eyed the door to the kitchen with raised eyebrow. The women in the room seemed to know who it was. The blonde seemed especially happy. The minute a blue haired young female stepped into the kitchen the blonde had her in a tight embrace. Oh, it's the odd saiyan. Sarada followed behind her and side stepped the mother and daughter. She had her tail around her waist and was no longer dressed in her saiyan armor. She carried herself in a yellow gi. Red was the secondary color. She glanced at him. Their eyes met and they grinned.

"Back so soon? "Bardock asked.

"There was something I needed to take care of" was her answer as Sarada made her way to the refrigerator and retrieved a glass of smoothie . She could feel eyes bore into her the minute she closed the fridge. She sipped at the straw even as she met Bulma's gaze. She smiled brighy.

"Last one" she informed and Bulma glared.

"Why do you always take the last"

"I don't know" Sarada shrugged as she took a cookie from the fresh batch present on the table. Her mother shot her a scolding look and she chuckled.

"You should ask before taking"

"But mom" Sarada whined even as she took another. "They're delicious, only you could make such cookies"

"Your flattery won't make me forget"

"But you're less angry" Sarada said with a victorious smile as she hugged her mother.

"Don't butter me up"

Sarada let go of her mother only to have her smoothie taken away. Bulma placed herself on a barstool and happily enjoyed the stolen drink. Why do they always end up fighting over a cup of smoothie?

"That wasn't very nice "

Bulma raised an eyebrow but made no move to apologize or return the drink to Sarada.

Sarada only sighed and finished eating her cookie.

"Mom today I give you a check up" she said after some time. That gained her a confused look from her mother

"Why? "

"Because dad is back and I have a feeling you've been spending a lot of time together " Sarada smirked and her father snickered. Gine looked away from them both and huffed. She couldn't deal with them at the moment.

"Hey, what about you and your girlfriend over there? " Bardock asked in a very suggestive voice. That earned him looks from both girls. He only smiled smugly in response. Sarada and Bulma glanced at each other for a moment before looking back to the adult saiyan.

"Why? "Bulma sighed and ran a hand through her hair. "Why would you ask such a thing? "

"My father has an odd mindset"

Bardock chuckled as he directed his gaze to Bulma. He spotted the red mark on her neck. "It seems Sarada got her revenge on you, odd saiyan"

"My name is Bulma" Bulma dead panned.

Bardock nodded. "Tell me odd saiyan when do you plan to marry my daughter and gift me grandchildren"

Gine hit him in the back of his head. The impact was painful and he gripped his head. It throbbed and he sighed, but was still grinning

"Again, my name is Bulma"

Again the saiyan nodded.

"I'll marry her when she's eighteen " Bulma said bluntly.

Sarada sighed and face palmed. She did not want her father to know that. There was an obvious glimmer of mischief in his eyes the minute those words left Bulma's lips.

"Awe, that's just wonderful" Panchy said with a sweet smile. "I'm sure it'll be a beautiful wedding"

"At eighteen, huh? " Gine had an amused yet happy smile playing on her lips. "Sarada agreed? "

"It's a promise that she has no say in"

"Don't undermine me"

"I'm older"

"To hell with that" Sarada scoffed.

Bulma giggled. She had a feeling that her being the eldest of the two bruises Sarada's pride and that's exactly what she said.

Sarada grumbled at the statement and stole another cookie.

"Sarada, you must wear the pants in this relationship " Bardock said with a hard gaze.

"I always wear pants "

Bulma and Gine bursted out laughing at the statement. They didn't know if Sarada was teasing him or if she genuinely did not understand what her father was trying to say.

"Don't make light of this. You must be the dominant figure. I will not stand for you to be submissive"

"That's not happening " Bulma said smugly.

"Don't he so smug. Did you already forget who came out on top today? "

"One small victory means nothing"

"Oh? " Sarada raised an eyebrow. "You didn't seem to mind a few hours ago"

Bulma flushed and Sarada chuckled at another victory.

"Make that two victories "

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