12 Chapter 12

Tiny sparks erupted from Sarada's latest project. She raised an eyebrow in curiosity as she inspected the device further. It was close to completion. It just needed a few tweaks and modifications. Not long now. She ran a hand through her messy hair and glanced at the clock. Four in the afternoon. She had been working on the device for three hours straight. With no interruptions. That was a wonder in itself. She could hardly go thirty minutes without Kakarot bursting into her room and challenging her to battle. It was frustrating, but that was her brother. Plus it was always a plus side to test her creations out on him. One would think that after being subject to multiple explosions he would stop interrupting her. But Kakarot is a stubborn little saiyan. At least it helped build up his durability.

Another spark. Sarada carefully poked the wires with her screwdrivers and watched the same thing repeat itself. She licked her lips as she rearranged the wires to her licking. Red. Yellow. Blue. It seemed good enough. It wasn't sparking anymore either. She nodded. Satisfied she found the other end of the device and completed it. She observed it. Its sleek build and design. Perfect. She grinned as she pressed the button on the top. It beeped to life and scanned the surrounding area. Something was detected. Nearby. The room next to her own

"Success " She took the device and slid out her chair and left her room. She was content with her time. She finished ahead of schedule and could take her time from here on out. Or she could find her brother and sister and leave immediately. The latter was what she had in mind.

She came to a stop in front of Bulma's bedroom door and knocked once. The door flew open and there stood Bulma. She glanced at the device in her hand and smiled brightly.

"You finally finished. That was fast" She invited the younger into her room and rummaged through her closet. "Thanks for modifying and strengthening it "

Sarada toyed with the radar in her hand. She was very proud of herself. She even added a tracking device so they could hunt it down if ever lost. She made it strong enough to survive a drop from the highest of heights on earth. She made it practically indestructible.

"So are we leaving? " Sarada asked as she made her way to the window. She searched for some time until she spotted her younger brother punching the air consistently. He had grown over the past four years. Grown in power level and skill. Not in size. Not by a lot. He was still tiny. It genuinely confused Sarada. He ate healthy. He exercised regularly. He slept on time. He did everything he needed to grow.

"Kakarot! Go take a shower and get ready! We're leaving in twenty minutes! "

"We are!? "

"Yes we are so go get ready"

"I didn't even answer your question" Bulma sighed as she dumped some clothes into a suitcase.

"You would've said yes anyway" Sarada sat with folder legs and watched the elder girl pack. She didn't pack a considerable amount. Just enough to last her journey. And they were all suited for roughing it up. Sarada was proud. She made her first major change. Or is it second. It didn't matter. What mattered was that Bulma was now a fighter on top of a scientific genius. During their travels I'm search of the dragon balls Sarada did not plan on interfering too much. She would let Kakarot and Bulma handle it. They'll gain experience and get stronger as well. It's perfect. It shouldn't be hard. Kakarot is already strong enough to take out King Piccolo while Bulma could hold her own against Yamcha. Everything was destined to go smoothly.

Unless the butterfly effect decideds to blast her in the face.

For all she knows everyone could be stronger. Or there could be new foes introduced. Hell she met a hermit she didn't even know existed. One would think Jun would be mentioned for his revolutionary ability. There was nothing said about him. Nob

hint or even a tease. Nothing.

"Aren't you going to pack? " Bulma shut her suitcase. She was satisfied with her choice of clothing and was sure it would serve her well. Currently she was dressed in the Gi Sarada had made. It was pure black with a red sash and similar color armbands. On her chest and back stood the logo of capsule corp. Bulma thought for sure Sarada would place her name on the gi. She did say something about it, but Bulma could not tell if it was a joke or not.

"I've already packed" Sarada relaxed against Bulma's bed and stared at the ceiling. She didn't nee much. Just her saiyan armor and her gi and she was set. Of course there was food and her gadgets. At the moment she was dressed in the armor she made herself. She had produced more saiyan armors for her brother and herself. She made the ones she was familiar with and then there were those she played with. She moddled one after Shallot's armor. Others were more futuristic. Some were sleek. She just had fun with it.

Her armor consisted of a black full body suit. On top of that she adorned a Shallot style yellow breast plate. The kanji of her master was proudly written on her chest. Her arms held arms guards of similar color to that of the breastplate. The same could be said for the pieces of armor on her legs and the combat boots she sported. Her armor was light. Stretchy and flexible. Perfect.

Sarada was curious. She was curious about a lot of things. They would hunt down the dragon balls. The first adventure was already on its way. There was so much that could take place. So many changes. So many mew people to meet. It was an exciting prospect. They didn't even have a wish in mind. They just wanted to collect them all. If she had to make a wish she would probably wish for control of her ape form. Well for her family's control of their ape form. She could also wish to steadily increase the gravity on the planet. Or she could wish for the humans to age and grow as Saiyans did.

All were interesting wishes. Each with their advantages.

"Do you think the myth about these orbs are true? Do you really think there is a dragon that can grant any one wish? " Bulma questioned as she pocketed her container of capsules.

"Sure. Anything is possible ev-"

"Even the impossible" Bulma sighed as she made her way towards the door. Sarada still said the same thing even after all these years. It appears to be her catchphrase.

"Exactly" Sarada followed after her. Her tail slithering securely around her waist. "A with granting dragon should be no surprise. Not after everything you've seen"

"At least most of those things were somewhat logic and could be scientifically explained" Bulma argued. Of course she was skeptical. The story was unbelievable. All they had to do was hunt down the other six "dragon ball" and a dragon shall be summoned to grant one wish.

Yeah. Completely possible.

"I see you still have the skepticism of a true scientist" Sarada mused as the two came to a stop in front of an open door.

Kakarot was pulling on the boots of his armor and jumping around the place. He almost tripped, but then floated in the air to continue pulling his shoes on. His room was a mess. The only somewhat orderly place was his desk. His container of capsules sat on on top of it.

Both girls sighed.

"Kakarot. Your room"

"What about it? "

What a clueless boy he could be. He was an innocent kid. Always cheerful and smiling. A ball of sunshine. There were changes to him. The most obvious being a his name and the fact that he knew of his race and heritage. He was a better fighter. Learned of ki earlier on. Was disciplined. Somewhat. Learned the differences between male and female. He could now do math, including difficult problems. Courtesy of Sarada and Bulma drilling such knowledge into him. Plus he tended to spend an anount of time around the two.

All in all he was stronger, smarter and cultured.

But he was still Goku. Only with his original name and a few added smarts.

Kakarot grinned when he finally pulled on his boots. His tail instinctively went around his waist as he retrieved his packet of capsules and left his room.

"Your room is a mess" Bulma suspired in disgust.

"If it bothers you the don't look at it. It's my room" Kakarot defended as the three made their way down the hall and down the flight of stairs. They would take the elevator, but it was inoperative. Courtesy of an overexcited Kakarot.

"I wouldn't have to look at it if you didn't leave your room open all the time" Bulma snapped back.

Soon the two were soon bickering. Sarada slowed her pace, not wanting to be in the middle of it. It was a somewhat usual accurance. Bulma and Kakarot got along splendidly but of course they had their issues. Kakarot would be too messy for Bulma's taste. Bulma would be too bossy for Kakarot's liking. They would end up squabbling and often times pull the disinterested Sarada into it.

"Hey you three" Gine greeted as she placed a trey of cookies on the dining table. They came out pretty well this time. She never really baked cookies before. There was no need. Panchy decided to teach her and she found it to be very fun. In addition to that, the kids fancied it. Especially Kakarot.

"Going somewhere? "

"On an adventure! " Kakarot cheered as he stole a cookie from his mother. He was quick enough to make some distance I'm fear of being impacted.

"Kakarot what have I told you about taking without asking? "

Sarada chuckled and stole a cookie as well. She too made some distance between herself and her mother. Gine glared at her only daughter. Sarada smiled, met her eyes and ate the cookie.

"Sarada" Gine sighed. There was nothing she could do. Sarada made her statement loud and clear. "What does this adventure of yours entail? "

"We're hunting down supposed wish granting orbs" Bulma said as she revealed the two star ball she and Sarada had discovered in the Doc's lab. "Apparently they're called dragon balls"

"Why dragon balls? " Gine questioned curious. It didn't have anything to do with dragons in appearance. It jus had two stars within.

"When all seven are gathered a dragon is summoned and a wish is granted" Sarada informed as she stole another cookie.

"How do you even know that? " Kakarot asked.

"The Doc told us. It's some myth he was told as a boy"

"Which means it's most likely not true" Bulma again insinuated.

"There's only one way to find out " Sarada dangled the radar in front of her. "Plus it'll be fun. You'll see the world. Meet new people. It's not not you have anything better to do. You've graduated with the highest honor with the highest degree. Seeing the world is next on the list"

"Yeah yeah. I still don't believe that story"

"Okay and what if it is true. What would you wish for? " Gine was now seated at the dining table, eating her own cookies while enjoying some tea. There was no preventing the kids from going off into the world. At least they're not leaving the planet completely. And it would be good for them overall.

If only Bardock was here to watch his children go. And Raditz to start a fight with Sarada.

She missed them. She missed them dearly. She would never see Bardock again. The realization was painful.

"She'd probably wish for a boyfriend" Kakarot uttered under his breath. Sadly Bulma heard him and shot him a deadly glare.

"I do not need a boyfriend, Kakarot. Say that again and I'll kick your ass"

"You wish"

And they were bickering again.

"I have to deal with this for who knows how long"

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