Break the WorldBreak the World

Break the World

by DogPerson

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Jay Riemman , disappointed in the oppressive reality of the 22nd century is given a chance to destroy the society of the rich and powerful when Rifts begin to appear on Earth. [This is my effort in creating a somewhat of a "villain" protagonist who is not supported by a super system designed for him nor an immense plot armor, but who survives by using logical thinking, relying on strong teammates, and using underhanded methods] [A lot of my inspiration comes from other novels that deal with the concept of portals to other worlds, but I am trying to make this work differentiate as much as possible by mixing various other concepts and some of my original ideas] [Oh this is already too long but closing, I need to emphasize that this novel is something I do for fun and every possible feedback will be very helpful] (The cover picture doesn't belong to me, if you are the artist that created it please message me or leave a comment if you want it removed)

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