1 awake up

My name is beard man , I don't had beard but I want to have one, its my teenage dream. Unfortunately I turned adult.

My school and college have strick rules to avoid beard, even my office has the same rule. That made me to think I lost my freedom to do things.

Everyday my inner confidence reduce while I look my face in mirror. Deep as sea eagerness gets me down. Will anyone know depth of sea or what the depth of sea will do.

Eagerness made me to resign my job to have a beard. Now I had a long bread this was seventh day after the job.

Everyday I walk with the beard in the street , as brave as I am , as masculine as I  am , as freedom as I am . Finally I drag myself out of mirror as my look can fade the mirrors perfection.

Night before, going to bed I watch my face in mirror . Fact that mirror shows you or say spade as spade , mirror was brave but it was ideal at one place. The truth it had shown me is one tiny white hair in my bread.

Early morning , I shave my beard , waiting for an call to an interview.

Mirror was ideal , it was same all the time it never changed it's look . It was brave enough to say the truth . I was never brave to accept the truth even before or after the beard.

Mine and mirror life says  is first be ideal to make the change .