15 So who popped your cherry and did you like it?


I was still coughing and clearing my throat while I read the bullet points Teresa texted me that Candy had been blabbering about.

1. Candy has been a Geend for 9 years and saw the drastic change when you released Hunger

2. Since you wrote Hunger, and pushed for the new image, fans always assumed you wanted to be true to yourself

3. So who popped your cherry and did you like it?

I cocked my eye at Teresa for her phrasing of bullet point #3. She gave me an innocent look, pointed at the switchboard and raised her thumb, checking if it was okay to go back live after this radio ad. I rolled my eyes at her and gave a brief nod as I looked back down at my phone. Cough.

"And we're back, thank you for waiting, especially to our dear Candy," I deftly slid in after the last ad. "Candy, you're still with us, right?"

"Yes, Steve, I'm so sorry for shocking you like that..."

I laughed. "Just now, that sounded like a gag show, didn't it, my reaction to Candy's question," I explained brightly, "I hope you all enjoyed that, but I must scold Candy, I hope you don't ask this of random boys on the street."

Candy giggled and apologized again. "Of course, I'll only ask you," she said.

"Luckily, it's 2 in the morning, and we can definitely talk about things like this on Midnight Radio Fridays," I cleared my throat again. "I don't think I can answer the first question because I'm a gentleman and I need to protect ... certain privacies... but I'll answer the second, if that's okay with you?"

"Oh! Oh, yes please."

"Okay then," I said and cleared my throat again before replying. "I just want to say, I'm very grateful. Now, can we play your favourite song, please?"

I pointed at Arnie and he switched to music. The song's intro swelled in, accompanied by the ambient sound of fans screaming, and offline, I bid goodbye to sweet Candy.


Give me all your scars, they're beautiful


And when you're in my arms, it will be alright, girl


I want to hold you tight, don't let me go


Because everything you are is beautiful, girl...

As soon as I locked my car, I sprinted out to the car waiting for me outside the house, activating the automatic garage gate to close and lock. I quickly scanned the street as I did; it was empty and dark. I slid into Teresa's passenger seat and dutifully buckled up.

"So, who popped your cherry?" Teresa asked as she pulled into gear.

"I just want to say I am very grateful for all that I have received in this world," I said in my best public voice.

Teresa settled back into neutral and turned the engine off. "We're not going until you tell me."

I removed my seatbelt. I leaned into her and she raised her eyebrow at me defiantly. I reached my right arm across her to lean into her more and pulled the car seat jack. Her seat collapsed behind her, bringing her along with it, and she gave the most charming yelp.

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I leaned into her even closer. "We can just do it here then," I said, unbuttoning her blouse.


I opened my mouth and took the side of her jaw between my teeth, then licked her jawline. My hand was under her bra, feeling her nipple harden under my palm.

"Steve, are you crazy? Someone might see us!"

I raised my head and unbuttoned my jeans. "I doubt it," I said, pulling her skirt up, "but it might be fun to be suddenly famous, what do you think?"

She pushed me away with her closed fists. "Let's go, I'm starting the car. Let's go to my place..." I released her then, and moved away so she can pull her seat up forward, chuckling as I looked out the window.

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