21 Young Sister

"Your hand's cold like sleet, " Mak whispered. The weather was frosting with thick snowflakes and I wasn't wearing hand gloves.

He yanked my hands and put them between his warm ones. The sudden warmness coming from his hand gave a chill in my core. It was pleasanter than a heater.

A young maid approached and showed me the way to my room.

Night fell with a bitter waft, dry leaves of the plants on the land were making an intense pitch giving a strange vibe in my spine. I was quivering when someone entered into my space.

"You okay, chicken?" Mak mumbled. Detecting him I tossed the sheet which I was using as a shield against some unknown fears, "What do you want?"

"I know you're a coward. Don't need to act so spirited before me. Actually, I'm scared too, " he chuckled.

He dived into my mattress and snatched my covering. With two people the blanket became warm in a brief period.

"How old are you, Lucien?"

"I'm 12," I replied.

You're the same as Evelyn. I'm 15," He declared.

We conversed for a long time and dozed off.

The next days were fun, we played with ice, did numerous foolish stuff. He began commanding me a lot and I used to follow it like a clown.

One day, he was sitting in the garden. I reached to him to show a flower I found in the garden.

"Mak, look what I found. Isn't it pretty?" He didn't reply, he was spaced out in his thoughts with teary eyes.

"What happened?" I shoved him.

"My sister's sick, " his voice was twitching.

"But Evelyn seems fine-"

"My younger sister. She's only 7 and-"

"You have a younger sister. What's with her?" I was surprised.

"Nothing," He pulled me and walked away without saying anything.

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