14 You're Not A Sage

That day, Ama confined herself in her room and didn't go out much. In the noon, a maid delivered a simple folded paper for her, it was from Lucien, he wanted to meet her at 1 am on the roof.

At 1:10 am, she went to the cold breezy roof. Lucien was waiting at one corner watching the lights coming from the sleepless city, he heard footsteps and looked behind.

"You're late," Lucien said after viewing his wrist watch.

Ama approached to him, "I felt asleep."

He stared at her for a while, "Get to the business.. You're fooling my newphew.. knowing everything I can't let you marry him."

Ama didn't react much, "Lying and fooling isn't the same. It's not like I'm cheating or plotting against him."

Lucien's gaze was mild, "You don't care or love him the way he does. You're just acting..he deserves better."

"You're not the one to decide," Ama responded boldly.

"You lied to him about being abused to get his affection, didn't you?"

"Yes, I did. It doesn't mean I don't care for him."

"Call off the wedding before I tell him everything," Lucien started walking.

"You don't have any proof."

Lucien smiled, "About that-" He took out the recorder from his coat and played their conversation. "It would be enough for Dylan."

Ama was motionless, "Wait. I will call off the wedding."

"Good girl. Find an excuse and leave this place, Jolie."

"You're not a sage either-" Ama's words turned a walking Lucien into a motionless creature. "What did you say?" Lucien seemed angry.

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"You have fucked a drunk girl," Ama was scared after seeing an angry Lucien yet she completed her sentence.

Lucien's angry face fadded and turned into a calm one, "I have. I'm sorry. Forget it."

"Thanks for admitting. You see I have a recoder too," Ama laughed. "Hahahha.."

"It doesn't gonna help you as Dylan won't marry you after knowing-"

Ama smiled, "I know."

"So you're planning to give it to your sister. Not bad. But-"

"Even better, media, you're gonna tell me a recording can be faked..so it's a fooling thing to do.. what about medical test."

"What?" Lucien asked in a mild voice.

"Someone had already collected your DNA sample from your room and on the way for-"

"That's not gonna help you."

"You sure..If media or your business rivals get a hold of this recording and medical test report..you know what will happen to your stock market-"

"What do you want?" Lucien's voice was deep.

"Nothing much. Just don't butt into my life," Ama started walking and passed Lucien, "You're smart, Jolie."

Ama didn't say anything. Lucien stayed in the roof alone starring at the starry sky.

The Next Morning :

Ama and Tana were having a feast in the dinning. The table was full of different local foods.

"This takoyaki is really yum," Ama said after taking a bite.

Evelyn came to them, "You guys are celebrating. Did something happen?"

Tana placed a sushi inside Evelyn's mouth, "I brought all these last night."

Lucien was looking at them from a short distance.

"You didn't sleep last night?" Dylan said worriedly.

"It's a new place so..that woman," Lucien gave a serious look. Dylan followed Lucien's gaze, "Finally she woke up."

Evelyn was shocked to see her mother in front of her, "Oh. You're.."

"Who mixed sleeping pill in my juice?" Elizabeth freaked out.

"It was for me. But I mistook the glass," Dylan said in a soft voice.

"You're lying. You wanted me to sleep cause that knave girl was coming," Elizabeth screamed at Dylan.

Evelyn stood up, "He told you it was a mistake."

Elizabeth looked at Ama, "Eating like a giant. Don't your stomach ache after eating from someone else's money." "Mom!" Evelyn hold her mother's shoulder.

Ama put the food in her hand on the platter before her and left the place quietly.

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