13 Sister's Husband

"Mom is sleeping in the other room," Evelyn answered. Ama took the medicine in her hands, "No wonder the house was calm when I arrived." Evelyn sighed, "She doesn't hate you." "Doesn't love me either," she swallowed the medicine.

Dylan entered the room and looked at Evelyn saying : "Uncle is coming tomorrow." Evelyn got pissed, "Tsk."

"Well, I had never seen your hubby before," Ama said. Tana was gazzed, "Really?" She ran her hand through her hair, "I had final exam during her marriage so I couldn't attend it. And that time my phone was off that's why I couldn't see their photos. I asked Eve later for his photo but she didn't give me."

Evelyn expressed dudgeon at the topic, "I deleted all his photos including our wedding so.."

"Dylan has photos, right," Tana pointed. "I didn't even know Dylan's uncle was my brother in law. I knew it from Eve the other day," Ama wiped her nose.

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"You can see him tomorrow. Take rest now," Dylan took the medicine placed on the table and took leave of the room.

Ama went to her room and took a long nap. She slept like a dead man and opened her eyes at late night. After sleeping, her nose had stopped watering however this time it was her stomach which was disturbing. She moved from side to side but couldn't sleep.

She went to washroom. It was 4 am. All the servants were in deep sleep. She opened the fridge and took a sandwich. After eating it, she roamed the hall way and stared at the cloudless clear night sky.

She passed everyone's room and heard a light music coming from Dylan's room. She tried to listen to get an ear at the door and heard some classical melodies.

At that time, Dylan opened the door and found the defenseless Ama, "Your cold.." "It's fine now. You're still awake?" "Hm." Ama peep into the room, "That's your room" Dylan looked behind, "Well.."

Ama entered the room and started observing it. This room was quite diffetent than Ama's. It was a medium sized cosy room. It had a neutral colour with the lots of wallpapers and a fire place.

Her eyes caught on a painting at one corner, "What does it mean?"

"It's about two lovers who envisaged on a sunny day. My grandfather gifted me this on my 10th birthday."

The meaning didn't enter her head, "Huh?" She touched it, "It's beautiful."

Dylan didn't look much cherised in that matter, "I think it's really late now so.." Ama drew out her hand, "Oh, I'm sorry for disturbing you."

Ama went to her bed, "Sometimes, I really don't understand Dylan."

She switched her side, "That bastard's mother draw many paintings too.." She took a deep breath. "Wait. I shouldn't think of that jerk," she pulled her pillows in her chest and went to sleep.

The next morning her eyes opened at the noise from her bedside.

"I'm sorry. I was just giving your bed tea," the maid hesitated.

Ama had a bad hair, "Everyone's wake up?"

The maid seemed to be delighted, "Well, Master Moreau had arrived so everyone's in the living room."

Ama took the tea, got fresh and went to the living room.

Ama met Dylan there, "Where's your uncle?"

"He just went to his room."

"Hello, Miss. Noel Aulds," a familiar voice came from behind and Ama turned at once.

Ama was expresionless, "You're.."

He smirked, "I'm your brother in law Lucien Moreau."

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