4 Shitty Morning

The Next Morning:

"Ummmm. This bed is so comfy. I wanna sleep more. Anyway, What time it is?"

She searched for her phone and after getting it, she looked at the time.

"It's 11 am. Not bad. Wait! That many texts and calls!!!"

Texts From,

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Tana: "Where are you, idiot?" (3:10 am)

"Why don't you reply my call?" (3:35 am)

"What happened to you? If you are at the hotel then text me." (3:45 am)

"Hey! Ama?????? At least pick up your fiance's calls. He is worried about you."(4 am)

Dylan: "Babe, you ok? Hope everything is fine there." (1:30 am)

"You are not with Tana? Where are you?" (4:10 am)

"Shit! I totally forgot to inform them. I should talk with Tana."

She throws her quilt away and got up from bed at once. She hurriedly went outside yelling Tana's name. But no response.

"Maybe her hangover hasn't gone".

She went to her room but she wasn't there. She looked for her everywhere but she wasn't anywhere.

"Oh God! Don't tell she's still at.....I have to call her". She became wistful, "Pick up, pick up. Hah! Tana! where are...."

Before she could finish her words, a male voice came from the other side.

"Miss. Aulds. It's me, Nathan. She drank too much last night."

"Where is she now?"

"At my place. I am giving my address, you come and get her back."

"Okay!" She hang up the phone and took a deep breath.

She felt a vibration in her hand, "Oh it's Dylan." She received the phone and a mild male voice came from the other side.

"Honey! I am so sorry. I was too tired last night and...."

"Yeah, I can understand. I trust you. Just take care."

"Okay, I have some things to do. I will call you later."

"No problem."

"Yeah, yeah thanks...and.. a love u"

"Love u too."

"Ummah. Bye!" She hang up the phone.

"Huuu...I have to get ready."

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