19 Respect And Love

Dylan and Noel faking their marriage__

"Don't believe her, uncle. She's a fraud."

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Lucien stared at Dylan for a while, "You don't love her and she doesn't either. Then why are you getting-"

"Master Lucien, you have a call." The maid interrupted their conversation and the topic was closed there.

After 3 hours :

They got back from shopping and brought traditional Japanese clothes. Evelyn, Miles and Tana wore their kimonos and Ama was clapping sitting on a couch.

"You're not wearing?" Lucien asked.


"Wore the dress you bought. It's a classical one, right," Tripp said.

Ama nodded her head and returned after a while wearing a blue colored mini skirt with a white top.

"It looks familiar," Dylan said.

"To complete the appearance, I need to wear a mask," Lucien smiled.

"Woah. It's sailor moon. You're looking beautiful, Noel." Dylan exclaimed.

"I know I'm a beauty." Ama grinned.

"Evelyn's pretty too. Hey, Evelyn why don't you just divorce my old uncle. You can get-"

"I don't have any problem. Tell your uncle to do that. If I divorce him, he's gonna say I only married him for money."

"I can't. Then she's gonna say I divorce her for other women."

"You two are really stubborn." Tripp sighed.

"That's what happens when two people get married who don't respect or love each other," Lucien was looking into a shopping bag beside him. He suddenly noticed something and smirked.

Tripp snatched the bag from his hand at once.

"I'm sorry, Tripp," Lucien was smiling.

Tripp ignored Lucien and looked the other way.

"I have news for you guys." Elizabeth entered the living room and everybody started leaving the place gradually except Miles.

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