10 Parted Ways

He budged her head, "What are you thinking, lil girl?"

They were sitting on the floor.

She pushed back and hit the table.

He smiled, "Serves you right."

"Why? You were.."

"I want to help you by finding a hot guy for you. I know many. Understand?"

"You are changing the subject."

He grabbed her cheek and pulled, "You're even younger than my nephew. Besides, I never intended to sleep with you in the first place."

He turned back and started drinking again.

"Don't finish my liqour," she wanted to snatch the liquor from him.

He held his hand up. She jumped but could not reach it. At this time, she jumped, fell on her phone and slipped her steps.

She fell into bed with the man in front of her.

Ama's eyes opened in the morning sunlight. She tried to get up however felt pain in her whole body. She moved her head and saw a guy sleeping beside her.

She screamed, "Who are you?"

Her loud voice woke him, "What are you doing in my bed?"

"That's my question. Don't tell me you fuc.," She got out of the bed at once but her legs were arching and fell on the ground.

"Why my whole body hurting especially my pus.."

He moved the quilt away and she saw blood on the bed.

"You bastard, what did you do.."

"I don't remember anything."

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"Then maybe it's my period..I'm not naked so..."

"Actually you're wearing my shirt."

She grabbed the table beside the bed and walked over to him, "You took advantage of me."

"I told you I don't remember. Besides you should thank me. I did your job," he yelled.

She changed her cloth and returned his shirt, "Now get lost and never show your face again."

"I don't even want it either," he left.

She took her phone and called Tana, "We are leaving Paris today."

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