11 New Day

"What's the need to go today? I couldn't even say goodbye to him properly," Tana yelled.

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Ama could not fold the cloth in her hand and hurled it in the bag.

"Tell me the truth. You came here to meet Nathan. That's why you went crazy to come to Paris," Ama was finding other staffs.

Tana came close to Ama and glanced at her closely, "You're acting very strange. What happened to you?"

Ama became engaged packing her things,

"Get your things done quickly. There is no plenty of time for flight."

"Nathan told me it's at.."

"We're not going to Chicago."

"What? Then?"



"Our wedding will held there."

"Didn't you say Venice?"

"Like my parents, I wanted too. But Dylan said none of his family's wedding held in Asia so.."

"If only I could wish such nonsenses," Tana sighed.

"You think so too? The flight is at 7pm. Hurry.."

"Gottcha. And if you feel better, lemme know what happened to you."

After a long journey, they arrived at airport in Osaka.

Dylan came to receive them. He was a handsome guy giving charming look in his mid 20. He was wearing a light black coat, thick pant and a thin scarf.

Ama hugged him, "Ohh. I missed you, honey."

Dylan gave Ama airy kiss and looked at Tana, "We should go then. Everyone's waiting."

Ama was bemused, "Sister is here too?"

Dylan smiled, "She came yesterday. You two didn't meet for a long time."

"Way too long," Ama became emotional.

Tana pulled Ama in her arms, "Save the tears for later."

It was the middle of March. There wasn't any snow in Osaka. It was about 5pm. So the weather was parky.

And spring was about to come as cherry blossom started blooming in trees.

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