12 New Day 2

"Ha..aachoo," Ama wiped her nose with a plain tissue. She was sitting on a couch. "I can't take this temperature change," she threw the tissue away.

Her sister was standing and looking at her from a short distance. She was a lofty and stiff woman. "I was thinking of an emotional reunion and you are sick. At least hug me.."

Ama took the hot coffee placing before her, "Don't wanna pass my cold. And we're gonna sttayy aa..cho.."

Tana was sitting on another couch, "What's the use of this TV? I can't understand anything."

Evelyn sat beside Tana, "Well, this is a remote language. In Scotland, I couldn't understand English."

Dylan placed his hand on Ama's forehead, "If you're getting problems, let's see a doctor."

Ama pushed the hand away, "No, I'm fine."

"Dylan's so caring. Aww," Evelyn and Tana were pouting.

Dylan gave a mild smile, "You guys enjoy. I'm gonna ask someone to prepare your rooms."

He left the room.

"You two, stop making fun of him," Ama gave a disgusting face. Evelyn and Tana were laughing.

Dylan went to a maid, "Prepare two rooms for stay. No, three. Maybe uncle.."

The maid smiled, "You didn't even change a little bit, young master."

"Is that so?" He looked the other way.

It was the farm house of Dylan's father.

From his childhood, Dylan was very humble and calm. He had a perfect fair skin and his face shape was much round.

He was a bit reddish type with little hair on his brows and face. He had a black little mole beside his right eye. His lips were gusty and looked like ripped cherry. He was 180 cm thus wasn't too tall.

"But you've really grown up. Last time, you were a little boy."

"That's why I don't remember any of yours name. So.."

"That's not even a problem. I should go now. Please excuse.."

"Yeah sure," Dylan nooded.

He saw his phone ringing, "Uncle?"

He picked it up at once, "You're coming tomorrow?..That's great..Oh aunt Evelyn came yesterday..Come on, she doesn't have any problem..no, I'm not trying to patch..see ya then."

The sun was setting in his west sky.

Dylan took a deep breath and looked up at the sky through fenestra in anticipation for sunny days.

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