20 Memory

Ama sat on a swing in the garden. She was looking fixedly at the cloudless clear sky. A gentle presence interrupted her and she turned.

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"You always look incomplete," Ama smiled. "Huh?" Lucien took the seat beside her maintaining distance.

"You regret meeting me in Paris?" Ama stated. Lucien remained silent.

"It is boring sitting in a garden with no flowers," Lucien said.

"Eve thinks you don't like her cause she can't never be a mother," Ama said in a low voice.

"What do you think?" Lucien asked.

"I-" Tana called Ama urgently and she left the place leaving Lucien alone.

The lone spring breeze passing through the arbors reminded Lucien the first time he came to this place.

Memory ~

It was still winter.

The roads and other places were full of snow. A 12 years old Lucien was welcomed to this new house with lots of unknown people. It was Lucien's big brother's vacation house but he had come here for the first time.

Lucien was homeschooled and didn't have any friend so his father sent him to this place to spend time with his same age relatives.

When he entered the house, he met Mr. Brown and his two kids. Mr. Brown told his kids to greet Lucien.

The girl was staring at him with amused eyes, "I'm Evelyn. Nice to meet you, Lucien."

"Nice to meet to you too."

Lucien turned and stared at the boy beside Evelyn. He was taller than Evelyn, also looked older. With his grey eyes, he was giving Lucien sharp looks.

Mr. Brown smiled, "He's always like that."

Lucien reached to shake hand, "I'm Lucien. Nice to meet you, uh-"

"Mak," he touched Lucien's tiny hand.

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