9 Lil Secret

He came close to Ama. Close enough for Ama to smell his breath.

Ama hold her nose, "Grape wine."

He moved away, "Wann me to drop you?"


"You're coming to Jacob's party tomorrow?"

"Don't know."

Ama got back to her hotel room and rolled on the bed. Tana peeped in her room.

"What are you looking from there, idiot?"

Tana came inside.

"You're really enjoying your time with that guy."

"It's not like that," Ama sighed.

"Guess he has fallen for you.".

"I really don't think that. He's just passing his time. I need sleep. Get lost."

The Next Day:

They went to Jacob's party with Nathan. It was in a club.

Tana noticed the ribbon on Ama's hair, "It's looking good. When did you buy it?"

Ama avoided her and turned the other way.

"Looking for Luc?" Nathan smiled.

Ama startled, "No, I'm.."

"He's not coming."


Though she didn't react, she felt a little empty. Ama sat on one corner and was gazing at everyone. After some time, she decided to leave.

"Tana, I'm leaving."


"I'm kind of feeling sick."

"Well, I'm gonna stay at Nathan's place so."

"No problem."

Ama came back to her hotel. She wanted to check her phone but couldn't find it.

"Shit! I left it at party."

She heard a knock at her door. She opened to see a handsome guy.

Ama smiled, "What are you doing in here?"

"You left your phone. Nat told me to. Let's talk inside."

"Yeah, of course."

He came inside observing everything.

"You didn't drink that?"

"Tana and I wanted to have a challenge on that to see who can drink more."

"Want to have it with me?"

Ama smiled, "Not a bad idea."

They drank. Ama was a light drinker.

"You're really good at this, brother."

He smiled, "Now that you have lost. You have to answer my questions."

Ama became prepared, "Okay."

"Tell me the secret you are hiding from your fiance."


"Don't lie."

"I won't. My boyfriend was a kind hearted guy. I lied to him saying that I was abused in my childhood."


"He felt pity for me and fell in love."

"So what?"

"He's gonna find out the truth soon. After our marriage, I can't resist him."

"Don't tell me you're.."

"Virgin. That's why I wanted to find a hot French guy to lose my virginty."

"Just tell your fiance that you.."

"He hates liars. I saw it..he expelled his long butler just because he lied to have a poor family."

"You can do it yourself."

"I tried but couldn't. It's really gonna hurt."

"No wonder you look really young. How old are.."

"Gonna turn 21 this year."

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"You're even younger than I thought. Want me to help you? I'm good at this. And you will feel.."


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