7 Jolie

Ama and the boy stood in the open space on the roof. The breeze was chilling and the atmosphere was good to relax.

Ama was expressionless, "Looks like their old friendship is gonna get a new look."

He smiled, "That's why it's called Ville d'amour."

Ama turned and looked at him, "You know French?"

"Kiss or love? "


"My mother was French. Understand? Jolie jeune femme..."

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"Oh, I understand...Bello Ragazzo giovane.."

He laughed, "The clime is nice. Wanna go out with me, Jolie?"

"Say it in French."

"Fais-Moi l'amour...Jolie.."

Ama was confused, "You are not fooling me, are you? amour means to love...

He gave a smile, "Jolie is smart. I have to go somewhere now. See ya at 6 pm."

Ama was curious, "Where?"

"I will text you. Anyway, your long hair is pretty...Sembrerai più Bella in una coda di Cavallo...Jolie.."

A noteless smile came on her lips and a red glow showed on her face. That day, Ama spent her whole time fixing hair. She researched much to get a perfect French to get up.

She saw many ponytail styles but in the end, she decided to keep her hair open.

Because the boy might think that the girl had fallen for his words.

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