8 In a Full Moon

He was waiting for her in front of the hotel. He was wearing a windowpane shirt and chinos with a sweater.

Ama came oustide. She wasn't wearing too much face makeup. Little bit of concealer and light foundation and a bit of blushon with winged linear and red lipstick. She put on a lbd with high knee boots.

She approached to him.

He looked up and down once and was staring at her open hair for a while. He opened the car door and motioned for her to sit down. Sitting in the car, he left the softcore French music.

He looked at her, "Un lungo viaggio con la musica d'amore è davvero romantico."

"Se hai trovato qualcuno da accompagnare."

"Really? Tell me about your fiancee."

Ama smiled, "He is a very good man and cares a lot about me."

"Then why don't you like him?"

"I like him a lot."

"If so, why were you looking for boys in Party that day?"

"Because I need to."

"And why is that?"

She didn't reply and looked the other way.

After 2 hours :

After eating at the restaurant, he took Ama to his place of residence. Ama thought that it would be a luxurious place. But to her surprise, it was an ordinary and old place.

The wall was full of paintings.

"You draw these?"

"No, my mother. She was an artist."

"So it's your mother's apartment?"


She saw an old phonograph beside balcony.

"You listen to this?"

"Sometimes. My mother was a music lover. She used to play it everyday and we danced in that balcony in a full moon."

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Ama was exicted, "It's awesome. It's a full moon today. Wanna dance?"

"Not a bad idea."

The sky was glittering with stars and the moon was giving it's dim light. The weather was chilling and the classical music was giving more chill to it. They danced for a long time and sat on the couch.

He was breathing fast, "You are a bad dancer, Jolie."

Ama was tired, "I don't give efforts just move my body."

"I have brought something for you," he said.


He placed a box on her plam. She opened to see a blue hair ribbon.

"Your finance gives you expensive things everyday so I thought..."

Ama looked at the ribbon, "It's beautiful.".

She put that ribbon again in the box.

"Jolie's hair is still open."

Ama smiled, "You are really stubborn."

He nodded, "I know."

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