18 Hidin

Tripp got off from his large bed and opened minimal part of the portal. Miles could only see Tripp's face. "Something important?" Tripp smiled at Miles.

"We're going shopping tomorrow. So-" Tripp nodded, "I will go."

Dylan got back from restroom and looked aimlessly at the whole room. Tripp wasn't there.

After a while, he saw Tripp carrying a luggage. It's texture and color looked familiar. "Don't look like that. It's yours." Tripp placed the luggage on the closet.

"I told your uncle you're gonna stay with me..You're ok with this, right?" Dylan took a deep breath, "It doesn't matter. But don't touch me while sleeping..or I'm not gonna stay here."

Tripp closed the closet and turned back at Dylan, "We're both men..It's just dude things to-" Dylan nodded negatively. "Tsk..okay"

The Next Morning :

Dylan felt bulky pressure all over his body and opened his eyes. He saw that Tripp was using him as a lap pillow placing his large leg over his body.

He hurriedly pushed him away. Tripp looked at him, "Puppy..you're so soft..comfy me." Dylan kicked Tripp, "Don't use me as something else..My whole body's hurting."

"Was I too hard last night? I will try to be more gentle next-" Dylan shut the door of restroom.

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Lucien was staring at Dylan's neck for a while, "No wonder you were taking long time in your fiance's room." Ama heard Lucien's words and noticed the mark. "Where did you get that?" Dylan was out of words. "He scrabbled it while killing mosquito." Tripp smiled at confused Lucien and Ama.

Evelyn called Ama and Tripp. They went for shopping. Lucien and Dylan was the only person at home.

"You're not hiding anything from me, are you?" Lucien asked Dylan. "What?" Dylan smiled.

"A girl named Jesse called me yesterday. She was asking for you." Lucien showed Dylan the text Jesse had sent him.

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