17 Helpmate

It was late dark night. Lucien was busy with his work. He was in Dylan's room but he didn't return so he decided to get himself coffee. He got out of the room, closed the door, about to walk when he was conforted by Tripp :

Tripp was tall, above 187cm. He had a perfect body proportion with a dark browish black hair and grey eyes like Ama.

Tripp greeted Lucien with a smile. "Dylan has gone to meet to your sister long time ago," Lucien smiled too.

Tripp nodded his head and took his leave.

"I can't go with you. What if she has other guys," Ama said confusingly. Dylan took a depressing breath.

"I think she's right," Tana said. Dylan moved his eyes to Tana, "She's threating me..what can I.."

"You're way too soft for a girl like her. To deal with a girl like her, you need someone as satan as your uncle," Ama sighed.

"Uncle?" Tripp closed the door and approached to them.

"Don't entre someone else's room without permission," Ama smiled.

"Someone..but this is my sister's room..anyway, what are you guys talking about?" Tripp sat beside Dylan.

He heard from them about the scheduled meeting, "Don't worry, I will go..what you say lan?" Tripp put his hand on Dylan's neck and pulled him closer.

Dylan pushed Tripp, "Back off, you're smelling." Tripp strained his blue shirt and took smell of his exhausted body, "It's smelling like creme brulee and mint mixed wine.. you should love it..come here.."

"You didn't take shower for eternity, did you?" Dylan was trying to get away from Tripp. "It's really cold..don't go..you're gonna love this smell someday," Tripp pulled Dylan into his arms.

"Listen to your senior, lan darlin." He put his nose into Dylan's hairlock, "You hair smells different..you're using a new conditioner.."

Ama coughed, "If brother's gonna help you, then go with him." "No, I don't wanna become indebted to him," Dylan said in a loud voice. Tana was staring at them for a while. "You guys are really close," Tana said.

"They two studied in the same place..knew each other for a long time..no wonder.." Ama said smilingly. Tripp also smiled, "We're like real brother.".

Tripp stretched Dylan's hand and started leaving the room. "What an unusual pair of brothers.." Tana whispered. "Huh?" Ama turned to Tana. "Nothing."

Tripp brought Dylan to his room, "What's your uncle doing in your room?" "He's ceiling leaking so staying in my room..." Dylan slapped away Tripp's hand.

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"Then stay in my room.."

"Like I ever would," Dylan turned to the door's way and tried to leave. Tripp held his collar from behind and threw him on the bed, "Where are you going?" Tripp got over Dylan and pressed his hands boldly against bed.

"Quit acting horny to me and go to your girlfriend..you perv," Dylan tried to free his hands but failed.

"You should give proper service to your helpmate." Tripp let go of Dylan's hand and placed him his opposite way and took one of his legs between his legs. He started moving his other hand inside Dylan's shirt.

"Don't use my leg to rub your thing..you bastard.." Dylan's voice was trembling. Tripp bite Dylan's neck, "You're not gonna utter your pleasure..then.." Tripp's hand was moving downwards. "Lemme check how much you're enjoying..." Tripp's hand reached Dylan's boxer area.

"Tripp babe!" Miles knocked the door. Tripp was startled, "Tsk..perfect timing.." Dylan tried to get off from the bed but Tripp held his hand. "Let go of me, Tripp..I need to pee.."

Tripp let him go, looked at the door and said in a low voice :

"Comin, Miles darling.."

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