6 Friend Having Bang

After forty minutes:

"Thanks for everything, Nathan. I think we should go now. Let's go, Tana!"

Nathan came close to Tana and hugged and kissed each other's cheek.

"Bye, sweetie," Nathan said giving Tana a wink.

"Last night was awesome, you see. I would like to hang with you again," Tana said flirtatiously.

Nathan came too close to Tana and took her hand into his palm. He started rubbing her hand.

"They are flirting again, Fuck!," Ama said in a low voice.

"Let them be."

"Huh?!", she saw the person who was trying to peel an orange. Ama went to him, "I have something to talk with you."


"You didn't tell me your name!"

" You want to know my name that badly, why?"

"Not badly! I just want to know because its kinda weird you know my name..."

"Where's my phone?", he started searching his pocket. "Maybe in upstairs," he started walking for upstairs without looking at an offenceless girl who was stuck at her words.

She looked at him while climbing the stairs without knowing how to react. And he was only looking at the orange in his hand.

"Even an orange has more attention than me."

After he was out of her sight, she turned to look at her friend. But what she saw amazed her and she yelled, "Aaahhhh!"

It was loud and the two before her got shocked and looked at her. The boy from upstairs came down, "What happened!!?"

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Tana became irritated, "She saw us kissing and howled."

"Really she screamed cause she saw us kissing."

"What else do you think?" Tana said giving a gaze to motionless Ama. "Hahaha! I thought something happened", he threw the orange in the air and caught it.

"It was so sudden and I didn't expect. I really didn't mean to scream loud", Ama looked at the two before her innocently and when she turned to say something to the other one behind, there was no one.

She again stuck at her words and turned to Tana, "You can stay if you want, I am going ahead." Ama went for the door.

"What's so hurry? Miss odds!"

Ama became ireful to hear that and with a forced smile she looked behind, "Aulds."

"Ooh! But you can stay here for a while. You don't have anyone in the hotel waiting for you, do you? Miss.odds," he said while typing his phone.

"Of course not. Hey, what do you mean? You didn't mean that.."

"You two talk here. We are going to my room," Nathan said grabbing Tana's hand.

"Yeah! Have great drilling, Nathan," he said while laughing. While walking, Nathan showed his middle finger behind.

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