15 Bad Luck

Tana followed Ama.

In the evening :

Lucien was working on his laptop in Dylan's room sitting on a couch. After finishing the work, he took a deep breath, looked at Dylan who was busy with his phone. "She can't behave to her step daughter like that."

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Dylan put the phone down, "It's nothing. Last time when I brought a present for Noel, that woman snatched it from her hand and threw it away."

Lucien remembered his meeting with Elizabeth :

She was an elegant woman who managed to keep her aoura even at this age. She wasn't flattarous however knew the perfect words for a good conversation. Before marrying Evelyn, Lucien only saw her soft sides. After marriage, she wasn't too rough but contributed much in the beaten relation he had with Evelyn.

"Didn't you say anything?" Lucien's voice was sharp. "Well, she's an elder. How can I say.." Understanding Lucien's temper Dylan stopped his sentence.

"You don't love her..Then why are you marrying?" He leaned on the couch more comfortely, "Miles coming tomorrow with Evelyn's brother."

"Don't tell me Elizabeth planning their wedding," Dylan's voice was harsh.

"What else you can expect from that woman. However, Evelyn's brother is handsome and Miles wants him too."

Dylan was pissed off.

"You okay?" Lucien asked. Dylan gave a smile and went outside the room giving the excuse of getting tea.

Lucien could easily tell that Dylan wasn't in his usual self and thought that he might be feeling bad for not doing anything for Ama.

Dylan went to the garden behind their house :

Most of the trees of this garden were planted by Dylan's father. He was a herb loving guy and the garden was full medicinal plants.

After confirming that no one was around, Dylan received the call that was vibrating his phone.

"I told you to leave me alone..I can't meet you..ufff..okay fine.." Dylan hung up the phone and took a deep breath. "That bitch's gonna make my life hell."

Dylan went to Ama's room and after knowing that she was fine, he showed her a text. After reading it, Ama's smiley charming face immediately turned into a buggy fulsome one.

"That hoe! Go meet her but there's something I need to tell you, the guy I slept with in Paris is your uncle," Ama said.

"Whhaaatt!" Dylan's shocking voice was loud.

Ama hold his mouth, "Don't yell."

Ama told all the stories of Paris and last night. Dylan listened to them cluelessly, "Thank god. You didn't tell him the truth."

Ama's eyes showed much fear, "Lied to get your sympathy.. you hate liars so I can't tell you I'm virgin..phew."

"You're really sly," Dylan smiled.

"Why your uncle's surname different?" Ama asked.

"He took his mother's name. He was adopted in our family. My grandfather-"

They were interrupted by a maid who was knocking the door. The maid asked them to come in the living room as Ama's brother Tripp and Dylan's sister Miles had arrived.

"Today?!" Elizabeth's fast," Dylan stood up and headed for the living room. "Wait for me," Ama grapped Dylan's hand.

Dylan didn't have a good relation with his older sister Miles :

She was a blond and tall girl with a blustery body. She was gorgeous but her boaster attitude didn't go well with Dylan's soft and humble one.

"Noel, it's a long time," Tripp hugged his younger sister tightly.

Suddenly, they heard a noise. A maid was trying to kill a spider hanging on the celling but failed.

"Forgive me for disturbing. A spider seen at night means bad luck so it should be killed," the maid said.

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