2 An Unknown Boy

It was midnight. Paris was looking livelier than ever. Some streets were lonely yet some were accompanied by many people.

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Ama and Tana decided to go to the party in a taxi.

"Tana, do you know French?"

"Noo, but I can use this translator app, ya know".


"Its really gonna work! Believe me." "Hmph!" Ama took a deep breath and looked the other way.

"Don't take that much deep breath." "Why didn't you tell your friend to pick us?"

"Listen, he's really busy. He doesn't have time..."

"Shut up and look for a taxi."

After one hour:

"Hey, Nathan! Can you please send a car or someone to pick me and my friend from our hotel? Yeah. It will be a great help.Thanks."

"I told you before but you won't...."

After twenty minutes:

"This party looks good."

"Ama, Did you see that guy over there?" Ama looked to see a macho guy flirting with other girls.

"He's way too much muscular and looking like a wrestler." "The more the muscle, the harder." "Hey, who's that? He is waving at you." "Oww! it's Nathan!"

"Tana!!! Long time no see. The ride was good?"

Nathan was a handsome lad. He was giving a mild smile while talking.

"Not bad. This is my buddy Ama. Ama, this is Nathan. He is of French and English accent."

"Nice to meet you, Nathan," Ama said giving a smile and touching her hair locks.

"Nice to meet you too, Miss..."


"Oh! Miss.Aulds, it's a pleasure to meet you." Nathan was looking at Ama and shaking the hands for a long time.

"She's engaged, Nathan." "Oh really! Congrats then Miss.Aulds. Enjoy the party," Nathan became busy with his other friends. "Why did you tell him that I am engaged?" "I was just introducing". "Fuck you, Tana" "Hey Ama, wait."

After thirty minutes:

"This party is getting a real bore. I had a great opportunity to hit on someone handsome like Nathan. But that bitch!" Tana was hanging with Nathan and his friends. They were sitting on a couch and Tana took a seat on Nathan's lap.

"Excuse me!" A not too deep but manly voice came from behind and Ama looked behind to see away too much tall, handsome and polished guy giving her a smooth smile

"Would you mind if I give you company?"

"No", Ama said absently while looking at her shot.

"So you are here with your fiancee?"


"Oh, then friend maybe."

"Did she tell you too?"

"Tell me what?"

"That slut!" Ama said in a low voice.

"Don't get the wrong idea. You see nobody told me, it's just your finger."

"Oh!" Ama looked at the person and saw that his eyes were pointing her ring finger which had a small and beautiful ring.

"I came with my friend. She's there," Ama told hesitantly.

"The one sitting at the top of Nat's machine."

"Machine? Where?"

"Nothing, I think you would like that liquor. That's one really good."

"Oh, thanks. But I will pass. I have to go now."

"Am I disturbing you? I am sorry."

"That's not the case. Actually, I am not feeling well. I had a long trip. I need some rest."

"I was leaving too. Want me to drop you?"

He looked at Ama while brandishing his one eyebrow. Their gazes met.

"Aaah! I think...." Before Ama could finish her words.

"Let's go then," he starting walking without hearing her opinion.

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