16 After You

"You're telling ; we have brought bad luck..you lowly maid," Miles shouted at the maid.

"Stop taking everything negatively," Lucien said. After hearing Lucien's serious voice, Miles didn't get the courage to say anything else. She feared Lucien more than her father.

Miles's behavior was like Elizabeth and that's why Elizabeth had a soft corner for her. She didn't want Miles to be provoked by Lucien in front of everyone. Thus, she offered everyone for a grand dinner.

It was a large table of 12 seats. Ama took the farest seat from Elizabeth with Tana on her right seat and Lucien took the left one. Seeing Lucien to sit by her, Ama was shock for a while.

Lucien was expressionless ignoring Ama's gaze. Food was served and the atmosphere of the dinner was quite nice.

However, the bad luck thing was roaming inside Ama's head, she was expecting something unholy and that time Elizabeth started talking.

Elizabeth was having sweet casual talks with Miles and Tripp and abruptly, she brought Evelyn's topic.

"You two still separate?" Elizabeth asked.

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Evelyn was silent and Lucien was busy eating. Elizabeth felt offended. "Miles and Tripp getting engaged next week. And then the two couples gonna get married together," Elizabeth seemed delighted.

Miles was happy, "I need to go shopping."

"Then go with Evelyn. However, don't take that crooked girl with you," Elizabeth was saying roughly.

"This is a dinning table not conference," Lucien interrupted.

"I have heard that Lucien was in Paris and that girl also went to Paris. I was wondering you two-" Elizabeth's couldn't finish his sentence as Tripp stood up from his seat and left the place. Miles called his name but he didn't look behind for once.

Elizabeth comforted Miles, "See, I told you that girl is like a satan.".

Evelyn also took her leave and Dylan followed her. Ama whispered to Lucien, "You're not gonna leave?" Lucien took the glass of wine, "After you."

Ama's outer self let out a sigh. But inner self blush fully smiled.

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